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Cigar City Syndicate is made up of 3 artists: J.KrazeN - Father to the movement that is The Syndicate, J. was born in FL in the late 80's. He says he truly discovered and began listening to hip-hop music in the early to mid 90's with the likes of The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Gang Starr, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Jay-Z and others. You can hear some of these classic influences in his production as well as styles and construction of songs. J. has been producing for nearly 7 years. "My hope and dream is to return hip-hop to its once formidable style and substance with one-of-a-kind production and lyricism that is beyond all definition." Kidd Phree - Phree has been rhyming for the past decade and he has only grown his craft. Lyrics inspired by the old-school legends while keeping modern with flows that do not recall another MC from recent memory, Phree is a force of nature. He has a style that is truly a mash-up of all of his influences - East Coast grit and grime, Dirty South vocalism, West Coast confidence and Mid West lyricism and skills. "My hope and dream is to show this world what The Syndicate is capable of. We are a group with serious talent and dedication. I'll just put it like Biggie did... 'the sky is the limit." Thomas Jay - Thomas Jay is the fearsome MC that has been given the reputation of an all around monster on the mic. It does not matter if it's freestyling, spoken word, or just ripping through 16 bars - Thomas does all of this (and more) with breakneck speed and ferocity. He has been rapping for over 6 years. Some of his main influences are Big L, Twista, Nas and Eminem. His style just simply can not be categorized - his speed and flow are on par with Twista and Em and his lyrical content runs the spectrum of humorous to frightening. "My hope and dream is to change this game. I know everybody wants to do that and we all say that. But I want to bring the respect back into hip-hop. It really takes skill and talent to do this and not everyone is meant to do it, however some might disagree with me." + J.KrazeN's debut EP drops on March 1 and is titled "THE KONJURE" + Kidd Phree's debut EP drops on March 8 and is titled "The Last Minute Chronicles" + Thomas Jay's debut EP is currently in production and will be released in mid 2013


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