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Grag "ChunkyD" Freeman, a.k.a. Chunky Doller, is a talented young up-and-coming hip-hop artist living in the Vancouver area. He has been writing his own song lyrics for 10 years now; which is quite something considering he is only 20 years old. With some encouragement from local artist Merkules, of SDK crew, he started taking his music more seriously. He bought his first beat in 2010, and with that, the music career of ChunkyD began. Chunky Doller is not exactly a small guy but he embraces it, hence the name. So his ability to flow continuously over a beat without losing his breath, is something he hopes will help him stand out from other Vancouver rappers. "A lot of rappers have that good flow but, they might spit a line, pause and then spit a few more. With me I like to keep words just coming out of my mouth. People ask me after shows like, how did you do that, how do you spit so fast bein' a bigger guy? But, I also like to switch it up so that people are like, what's next you know? Keep 'em guessing." ~ ChunkyD ChunkyD wants to direct his music more towards the mainstream, and one way of doing that is by creating a market for himself. With his fan page,as well as the many Facebook supporters he has on his side, ChunkyD has worked hard to build up his fan base, as well as working tirelessly on his music. Even though he wishes to pursue the mainstream side of the industry; Chunky Doller is happy to stay underground, as this is what is most popular in the local hip-hop scene. "I'm willing to allow the music to take me down the right path." With his self-described, "silly style", ChunkyD isn't hugely influenced by the images of other rappers, nor does he let the less-than thriving hip-hop market in Vancouver deter him from continuing his craft. He stays very committed and focused on his goals and aspirations, knowing that his hard work will pay off in the long run. In fact, he was not even aware that the Vancouver hip-hop scene is struggling. Although currently residing in Vancouver, he was born in Bellingham, WA, which allows him to maintain dual citizenship. However, he has not pursued any musical avenues in the States as of yet, and feels as though he won't have the need to. Instead, he likes to use his time off and head down south to relax. He remains optimistic towards Vancouver's local scene, and predicts future improvement. ChunkyD has opened for many local hip-hop talents including Ill Tone, Moka Only, Snak The Ripper, Evil Ebenezer, Merkules, and Kanabliss Tha' Supaspliff. He has also been on tour, travelling to Kelowna and Nelson BC with Merkules and Evil Ebenezer. Having opened for many popular local artists already, ChunkyD is soon hoping to begin booking some opening acts for larger, more recognizable, non-local artists. Staying busy and keeping a steady schedule of shows is how ChunkyD plans to keep up the momentum that has carried him thus far in the industry. He also wants to keep working with new artists and continue to improve himself by always remembering to step out of his comfort zone. By doing this in his own unique way, he is able to keep growing as an artist so he can open as many doors as possible in order to further his career.


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