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Chris "Clazy" Davis is a young rapper with a passion for people and words. Clazy was born Christopher LaCasse to single mother Antoinette LaCasse in Long Beach California, October 10, 1989, and did not meet his biological father, Salah Rezkella, until late 2009. Spending his early childhood years in Detroit, Chris acquired a love for rock and rap, and first started composing music at the age of eleven. He was later put into state's custody from the ages twelve to fifteen, where he and one of his brothers David Longeville were adopted by Steve and Dana Davis in Cleveland, TN. At age fifteen, Chris Davis recorded his first studio track RESPONSIBILITY AND FAILURE, at Kamotion Entertainment Studios, owned and operated by Mike "Mozart" Kalombo. Chris recorded several Christian rap songs with Mozart, his biggest hit being SOMETIMES I WISH, but eventually taught himself how to make beats and produce himself. This also led to producing various local talents under his own 11yfe (One Life) label. His debut album, WELCOME HOME, was cut short at ten songs in early 2010, due to Clazy leaving his atheist lifestyle and beliefs, and not being satisfied with the moral content of his own album. On June 26, 2010, Chris was married to Kirsten Ross. Focuses had changed for up and coming star Chris Davis.He began to use his music to speak with positivity and motivation, while maintaining a complex and highly metaphoric street flavor. In 2009 he started working on his second studio album, BRICK AND A BULLET, at Black Star Entertainment (much respect to Kelvin Blackmon a.k.a. Mr. Black) in Chattanooga, TN, which was aimed for release in the Summer of 2011. Still unsatisfied with his latest project, he decided not to push the album publicly. At the birth of his daughter Zahra Marley (2011), his whole perspective on life changed. Chris LaCasse had gone from being a kid with no family or hope, to Chris Davis father and husband. He spent the next year reanalyzing himself, defining his style, and experimenting in many different areas of music. In October of 2012, he found a new love... The guitar. And that is where he is today. Using his album BRICK AND A BULLET as promotion for his upcoming double album IF YOU CARE TO ACCEPT IT, Chris Davis is finally at the point he where he feels he is ready to speak to the world. Expect the unexpected... A brand new style, with a beautiful mixture of Rap, Soft rock, and R&B. The rest shall be history...


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