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  • Nigga Wat (Remix)
    Nigga Wat (Remix)
    Currently putting the finishing touching on his upcoming Massacre tape, Lil Reese has let loose a new leak to hold over anxious fans. The official remix to Chief Keef's original "Nigga Wat" that dropped to warm reception early in May, this new rendition maintains the head-nodding chorus and instrumental of the original while piling on some new high-energy bars from our headliner. 
  • Top In The Trash
    Top In The Trash
    Chief Keef has already blessed us with a new record ("Oh My Goodnes") today and a new music video ("Gucci Gang") yesterday, but he returns once more this time as a feature on Gucci Mane's new leak.
  • Oh My Goodness
    Oh My Goodness
    Last night, Chief Keef gave us the video for new track "Gucci Gang," which also featured Justo and Tadoe, and now he's dropped off a new solo track. "Oh My Goodness" comes with no hint at what project it's from, but has artwork that bears the title "Thot Breaker." After a lengthy intro, Keef launches into his standard auto-tuned warbling, going in over synthesizer strings and a skittering beat. Singing about racks in his pocket and thots in his phone's contacts, Keef sounds just as triumphant as the "Oh My Goodness" backing track.
  • Bring Them Thangs
    Bring Them Thangs
    After being featured on Que’s latest single “Fuck Around” just last week, Bankroll Fresh is back today with some original content of his own. In fact, Fresh decided to recruit some street hitters in Chief Keef & Gucci Mane for this new single “Bring Them Thangs”, which is produced by Zaytoven & expected to see life on his upcoming project Life Of A Hot Boy.
    If “Getcha” wasn’t enough for ya, we have a second track from Chief Keef that found its way onto the internet tonight. The cut is titled “Shifu” and is produced by Eskay Beats. As always, there’s no real information on the record, like whether its something new, or where it may end up, but that shouldn’t stop ya from clickin' play. No fufu lame shit here.
  • Getcha
    As we wait for Chief Keef to release his anticipated Bang 3 album, the Glo Gang general decides to hold fans over with another new track tonight titled “Getcha”.
  • Sosa Style
    Sosa Style
    As we wait for Chief Keef to release his anticipated Bang 3 album, the Glo Gang general decides to hold fans over with another new track tonight titled “Sosa Style”, with production from DP Beatz.
  • Nigga Wat
    Nigga Wat
    As we wait for Chief Keef to release his anticipated Bang 3 album, the Glo Gang general decides to hold fans over with another track today titled “Nigga Wat”, featuring Trigga Black and production from Chris Surreal & TomTom. The song follows up his latest release "No" which dropped last week. In typical Sosa form, there's no word yet as for where this song may end up on, if any project at all.
  • No
    Chief Keef returns today, with no updates in sight on Bang 3 or Bang 4. Instead, we get a new iTunes offering, titled "No", which finds Lil Keef adopting auto-tune and doing his best Future impression.
  • Fucked Up
    Fucked Up
    Chief Keef has a number of projects on the docket, and it's till not entirely clear which one we'll be receiving first. Back From The Dead 2, the Bang 4 EP, and his sophomore album, Bang 3, are all scheduled for a 2014 release, and we continue to get new tracks in anticipation of them-- though again, it's never quite clear where they'll live. "Fucked Up" is the latest track from Keef, which finds him getting back to a more straight-ahead aggressive delivery, while his Glo Boys, Tadoe and Ballout join in.
  • Slam Dunkin'
    Slam Dunkin'
    Chief Keef's Bang 3 has transformed from a mixtape to his sophomore album since it's initial announcement, and its also experienced its share of delays. While we just heard his latest offering off it with “Close That Door” last week, we now have another record that's reached the internet's surface tonight.
  • Close That Door
    Close That Door
    Chief Keef's Bang 3 has transformed from a mixtape to his sophomore album since it's initial announcement, and its also experienced its share of delays. Currently, the album is slated for a summer release, and earlier this week we were given the new single in video form. Sosa now gives us the mp3, which is also available for purchase on iTunes.
  • All I Care About
    All I Care About
    We first heard "All I Care About" back in February, presented as a Chief Keef track. The slurry banger has now been repurposed as a Young Chop song featuring Sosa. Chances are, it'll land on the producer's upcoming album, which is still without a title or release date. We already got another Keef collaboration for Chop's new offering, "Bang Like Chop" which also earned a feature from Lil Reese.
  • Believe In Da Glo
    Believe In Da Glo
    As some of you may have heard, emerging Chicago rapper and Glo Gang affiliate Blood Money, AKA Mario Hess, was shot and killed in his hometown in the early hours of the morning.  "Believe In Da Glo" is his first posthumous record, released by his team not twelve hours after his passing. Listen with an open mind. 
  • How Much
    How Much
    Yesterday Chief Keef popped up in the news, not for any legal troubles, but for a since-deleted tweeting claiming he had a "raw ass song featuring Lady Gaga." While we're still anticipating what a Chief Keef and Lady Gaga collaboration would sound like, Keef appears today on a mixtape cut with production from Zaytoven. The track will appear on the upcoming Sour Diesel 12 mixtape from Muzikfene, Traps-N-Trunks & 3rdy Baby.
  • Hundreds
    Chief Keef is just letting the music fly tonight. Shortly after delivering his track “Shooters”, he releases another new banger titled “Hundreds”, which is produced by 12 Hunna as well. This new street banger is just another braggadocious record that highlights the guap that he's got. Not mad at it though. Check it out for yourself. What Sosa release are you feelin' more?
  • Shooters
    Chief Keef decides to end the work week with some serious heat. After a recent run-in with the police last month, Sosa returns to the music today with a new record titled “Shooters”. As the title suggests, the Glory Boyz Entertainment leader highlights having a team of armed gunman from coast-to-coast, aka some shooters. Probably not the best track to come out with after being questioned by police, but his choice.
  • Bang Like Chop
    Bang Like Chop
    Young Chop has a new EP dropping later this year, and he's shared a new track from it today. "Bang Like Chop" finds the Chi-town producer reuniting with the tag team that brought us the infectious street anthem "Don't Like", which was a big break for all artists involved. This is the most straight forward delivery we've heard from Keef in a while, who's been experimenting with vocal manipulation over the last little while. Meanwhile, Reese comes through with his signature, oft-imitated stutter flows on the second verse.
  • Plugged
    It's a little funny that after Lil Debbie claimed Chief Keef attempted to make a pass at her, she comes out with a track with another Glory Boyz Entertainment member, SD. This song was recorded live at the SKEE Lodge. Keef's GBE roster can be a little uneven at times to put it mildly, but this track from SD is actually a fairly solid, straight forward banger, as long as you're tolerant of auto-tune. 
  • Fuck Rehab
    Fuck Rehab
    After teasing us with the official artwork over the weekend, Chief Keef finally decides to drop off his anticipated new single "Fuck Rehab" featuring Blood Money. The Chicago drill master is getting ready to release two new projects, his Bang 4 EP and his sophomore album with Interscope, titled Bang 3 (and yes, that's in the right release date order). This record is believed to be off the upcoming Bang 3 project.
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