Chief Keef Songs

  • Jumanji
    We had to highlight one more cut off Sosa's new mixtape, Finally Rollin 2, which is proving to have good replay value. Much of the tape, including the Zaytoven-produced "Foes," has a throwback sound to it, so "Jumanji," produced by young Metro and Sonny Digital, might be the track with the most potential to blow up. Listen to the No DJ version of "Jumanji," courtesy of Metro Boomin. 
  • Foes
    Last night, Chief Keef dropped off Finally Rollin 2, his 5th project of the year. The tape is mostly made up of freestyles over both old-school and new-school Atlanta beats. The few original tracks feature beats from ATL producers, too, including Sonny Digital, TM88, and Zaytoven, who produced the standout cut "Foes." Zay might be the producer with whom Keef has the most chemistry at this point in his career. As he's done with Migos, he has a clear sense of what kind of beats will inspire catchy flows from Sosa. 
  • Where Ya At
    Where Ya At
    Tonight, Chief Keef made good on his promise to drop his new mixtape, Finally Rollin 2. The tape finds Sosa zoned-in on his freestyle game, spitting over almost exclusively Atlanta productions. Most of these, in fact, are throwbacks from '00s tracks from OGs like Gucci Mane and Jeezy, but he also went in over some of today's hottest beats, including Metro Boomin's "Where Ya At," Future's Drake-featuring single off DS2. 
  • Stuntin Like My Mama
    Stuntin Like My Mama
    Chief Keef has been dropping tracks on an almost daily basis as of late, and today's release is "Stuntin Like My Mama," a remix of Lil Wayne's now outdated ode to Birdman "Stuntin Like My Daddy." This beat goes hard as ever except for the weird ad-libs which sound like they're coming from The Cheat from Homestar Runner.
  • Law & Order
    Law & Order
    Chief Keef has been very busy over the past few weeks. While we've seen no sign of his collaborative project with Metro Boomin (which he originally promised would be out on Halloween), Sosa's next venture appears to be Finally Rollin 2, which has spawned a few Jeezy freestyles, and it seems will be mostly made up of teh rapper going in over other people's beats, which he's explained was inspired by Lil Wayne.
  • Sets Droppin
    Sets Droppin
    Lil Reese keeps the leaks coming. The rapper recently got the bawse (Rick Ross) on a remix for "Seen Or Saw," off his last project Supa Savage 2, but today he returns to 300 Degreez with "Sets Droppin." 
  • Black Ops 3
    Black Ops 3
    Chief Keef drops another track off his upcoming mixtape, Finally Rolling 2. Earlier today, he shared "Chicago Zoo," a remix of Gucci Mane's 2010 track "Atlanta Zoo," and before that, Keef rapped over two different '00s Young Jeezy tracks. His latest drop, "Black Ops 3," is the first Finally Rolling 2 track we've heard with an original production, coming from Sonny Digital. 
  • Chicago Zoo
    Chicago Zoo
    Sosa's locked in right now. It's November 8, and this is Keef's 8th new track of the month. Keef's previous two releases were freestyle'd remixes of old-school Jeezy tracks. Today, he's showing his allegiance to his locked-up incarcerated idol, Gucci Mane, with a hard revamp of Wop's "Atlanta Zoo," which appeared on his 2010 mixtape Burrprint 2. Naturally, Keef's track has been renamed "Chicago Zoo." 
  • Get Ya Mind Right (Freestyle)
    Get Ya Mind Right (Freestyle)
    Chief Keef is on something of a Jeezy kick, going in over his Recession single "Who Dat" earlier today, and now sharing a new remix of "Get Ya Mind Right". Both songs are produced by Shawty Redd, unquestionably one of Jeezy's greatest collaborators, and after hearing Sosa's mix, we're ready for the two get in the studio together.
  • Who Dat (Freestyle)
    Who Dat (Freestyle)
    Young Jeezy and Shawty Redd is always a lethal combination, and "Who Dat" off the former's third (and possibly best) album The Recession is one of their most celebrated collaborations. Chief Keef, who owes a thing or two to this era of Atlanta rap, has decided to pay tribute to the record with a freestyle today. His barked delivery isn't all that different than Jeezy's rasp, and he does the horror movie-theremin beat justice. 
  • Flattered
    In true Sosa fashion, Chief Keef came through unannounced Thursday night and released two new songs called “Let Me Know” and “Flattered,” both of which are produced by hitmaker Zaytoven and will see life on the duo's upcoming joint project Finally Rolling 2.
  • Let Me Know
    Let Me Know
    By now you should there’s no method to Chief Keef’s unorthodox release strategy. On any given day or night, the Chicago rapper will drop off a new track on us, and that’s exactly what he did tonight with “Let Me Know.”
  • Un Un
    Un Un
    Here's a third new Sosa drop: "Un Un." It's probably the most simple of the three tracks, following "Walnuts" and "Drag Racin," but, of course, Chief Keef can do a lot using a limited vocabulary. The hook is simply the track's title, repeated over and over, and it's still catchy as hell.
  • Drag Racin
    Drag Racin
    Sosa didn't deliver on his promise to drop his joint EP with Metro Boomin last night. Halloween also would've been a good time for Keef to release his Back From the Dead 3 mixtape, purportedly executive produced by Sonny Digital, but SS2 was full of enough treats for the holiday, and now we've got a Keef & Sonny D.
  • Walnuts
    Chief Keef didn't end up delivering his collaborative tape with Metro Boomin -- a project he hinted was coming Halloween night. While we're disappointed we didn't have some new Sosa to drop last night, we're willing to wait a little longer, considering he's already dropped multiple projects this year. 
  • Tomorrow
    Well here’s a nice treat for Sosa fans. Out of nowhere, producers Its Money & The Hit Providers decide to share a new record that they recorded with the Chicago rapper called “Tomorrow.”
  • Cabbage
    Here goes the second of two new collaborations from Chief Keef and producer Rozey Beats. Rozey put the two records on his new compilation, Massacre, which also features cuts from Keef affiliates like Fredo Santana, Tadoe and Gino Marley.
  • Don't Love Em
    Don't Love Em
    Over the weekend, Sonny Digital released a new collaboration with Chief Keef, perhaps paying homage to Gucci's day, 10/17. In addition to "Bih" we now have two more new Chief Keef collaborations, this time courtesy of producer Rozey Beats. The two songs with Keef are taken from Rozey's mixtape Massacre, hosted by DJ Hustlenomics (so expect some tags).
  • BIH
    In addition to his three mixtapes and two albums, Bang 3 parts 1 & 2, Keef has also consistently impressed with his loosies this year. His latest track, "BIH," was shared by ATL all-star Sonny Digital, who crafts a creeping trap beat over which Keef spits some especially furious bars. 
  • Plottin
    With new track "Plottin," Chief Keef and Fredo Santana slowly but surely mobilize in the direction of their joint mixtape Blood Thicker Than Water that they originally announced almost two years ago. If this track is any indication, they haven't been neglecting the project in the slightest, and rather have been craftily plotting all along.