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  • Cover of Chief Keef Beefs With Katy Perry On Twitter, Says He'll "Smack The Sh*t Out Of Her" [Update #2: Both Artists Apologize]
    This is pretty random. Chief Keef seems to have some beef with Katy Perry, and vice versa. The singer heard Keef's single "Hate Being Sober" on the radio this week, and she was so unimpressed by it she had to take to Twitter to express her feelings.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Arrested For Disorderly Conduct [Update: Arrest Was For Marijuana]
    Chief Keef found himself in trouble with the law yet again yesterday, having been arrested for disorderly conduct. The rapper was just released from Juvenile Detention Center for violating his probation in March, and a month later, familiar antics ensue. 
  • Cover of 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week (May 11-17)
    Dissecting the foibles of the hip hop community as expressed in under 140 characters on Twitter.  Not just used as a device to flood people's timelines with your new track, album, video, or clothing line, sometimes rappers truly channel the unfiltered interaction with fans.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Reportedly Engaged To Video Vixen
    Chief Keef was just in the news concerning child support payments for his baby mama, and now Mediatakeout reports the rapper has another woman in his life!
  • Cover of Chief Keef Previews Headphones From His Beats By Keef Line
    Chief Keef, who signed to Interscope less than a year ago, announced some big news this past week, having joined Gucci Mane's Bricksquad. The rapper has hinted at more big news earlier today, with photos he posted on his Instagram.
  • Cover of Yo Momma: Rappers & Their Moms
    Even the grittiest of gangster rappers have their mothers to thank for much of their success, and they don't always get the credit or respect they deserve. As such, and in celebration of Mother's Day, we've compiled a gallery of 25 photos of emcees with their moms, from Tupac Shakur to Kanye West. 
  • Cover of Gucci Mane Announces Chief Keef As "Newest Member Of Bricksquad"
    Gucci Mane has announced that Chief Keef is "the newest member of Bricksquad" via Twitter, along with an image bearing the logo of "1017 GLO GANG". This comes as the second large label announcement Gucci has made over twitter, after dropping Waka Flocka Flame from the team a few months back.
  • Cover of 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week (April 27-May  3)
    Dissecting the foibles of the hip hop community as expressed in under 140 characters on Twitter.  Not just used as a device to flood people's timelines with your new track, album, video, or clothing line, sometimes rappers truly channel the unfiltered interaction with fans.
  • Cover of Lil Reese Arrested In Chicago [Update: Details Emerge On Charges Of Arrest]
    Chief Keef is not the only member of his crew constantly facing legal trouble. Lil Reese landed himself in some hot water last year when footage of him beating a young woman surfaced on the internet.
  • Cover of F*ckin Problems Chief Keef Edition: Artists Who are Always In The Headlines
    Which artist gets into more trouble than Chief Keef these days?  In a short amount of time, Chief Keef has pretty much established himself as a mainstay on HNHH's news headlines.
  • Cover of Soulja Boy Threatening The Life Of Chief Keef Over Social Media [Update: Keef Responds, Soulja Claims He's Been Hacked]
    Earlier in the month, GBE Rapper BallOut (who Soulja has worked with) allegedly stole one of Soulja Boy's chains, an accomplishment he later bragged about over twitter.
  • Cover of Photos: Chief Keef Brandishing Guns In Paris And Such
    As reported by HipHopWired, Chief Keef has been letting loose in Paris. He left earlier this week to work on new music with Kanye West and Young Chop in the French capital. The young Chicagoan rapper has been documenting his trip on Instagram, and the photos aren't your typical tourist shots.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Goes To Paris To Work With Kanye West
    It appears that the two Chicago natives, Chief Keef and Kanye West, will be connecting once more.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Responds To Jay-Z's Shout Out On "Open Letter" [Update: The White House Addresses Jay-Z's Song]
    This morning, Jay-Z surprised the world with a new song, "Open Letter," where he addresses a lot of current subject matter, including the recent attention he and his wife Beyonce have been getting for their trip to Cuba, as well as the fact that he's selling his percentage of the Brooklyn Nets.As Hov lets off steam abo
  • Cover of The Top Ten Most Searched Artists On HNHH: January to March
    We've gone through our stats for the top 100 most popular searches on Hot New Hip Hop, and narrowed it down to ten artists. Songs, album titles, and creative spellings of rappers names were all taken into consideration when compiling the final results.
  • Cover of XXL Explains Chief Keef & Logic On 2013 Freshmen List
    XXL's Freshmen list always sparks debates and conversation about the MCs chosen, and those who weren't chosen. This year the list seems pretty well-recieved, however people were still questioning the choice of Logic, as well as the honorary Freshman Chief Keef.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Heckles Nicki Minaj On Twitter, Says He's In Love With Her & Asks For Feature
    Chief Keef, who was released from an Illinois Youth Center just days ago, was on Twitter last night getting into some high jinx.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Released From Juvenile Detention Center
  • Cover of Chief Keef To Be Baptized Upon Release
    Chief Keef is currently serving a two month sentence in juvenile detention for violating his parole. Since taken into custody, he has seen even more legal trouble, including a lawsuit for a missed concert appearance, as well as a claim of unpaid child support from a middle school student.
  • Cover of Burger King Twitter Account Hacked, Sending Out Tweets To Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill & More Rappers
    Rappers have seen their fair share of Twitter account hacks over the years, but today we're reporting on a very strange hack, this time of a popular fast food chain. Burger King's official Twitter account appears to have been hacked by a Chief Keef-loving rap fan.Today, Burger King's Twitter account has been sending
  • Cover of Chief Keef's Manager Speaks On Rapper's Situation
    By now, most hip-hop fans are aware of Chief Keef's long list of legal troubles, including probation violations and lawsuits.
  • Cover of Headlines Love Sosa: 12 Trials & Tribulations Of Chief Keef
    The plight of rappers unable to escape the lure of the streets, and those that succumb to the pitfalls of celebrity, is an issue that spans generations of music, from Tupac, to James Brown, back on through to Chuck Berry.  Chief Keef has emerged on
  • Cover of Danny Brown Calls Chief Keef The "Sex Pistols" Of Rap & Says Keef's Early Work Scared Him
    Detroit is a city that has never stopped making great music, and currently the D has a talented crop of rappers coming out, but unfortunately they are not getting huge shine except from the true heads.  The poster child for non-mainstream Detroit
  • Cover of Chief Keef Cries In Court, Details Emerge From Sentencing Hearing
    Chief Keef's court appearance yesterday proved that there is a big difference between Keef, the rapper famous for his violence-glorifying street anthems "I Don't Like" and "Love Sosa", and Keith Cozart, the 17-year old Chicago native who operates under this moniker.The larger-than-life persona Cozar
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