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  • Cover of Chief Keef Reveals Artwork For New Single "Fuck Rehab"
    Chief Keef is (hopefully) getting his act together for his two upcoming releases, his Bang 4 EP and his sophomore album on Interscope, Bang 3. The rapper recently admitted in an interview that his last two projects were basically garbage, blaming them on his addiction to lean.
  • Cover of Fredo Santana Announces Joint Album With Chief Keef
    Fredo Santana dropped his iTunes project Trappin Ain't Dead (which featured the stand-out Kendrick Lamar-featured "Jealous") back in October, which he followed up in December with his mixtape It's A Scary Site 2. Santana already has his sights set on a new release, which he revealed via Twitter would be a joi
  • Cover of Samples Of The Week: February 27
    When hip-hop began, samples were all that DJs and producers had to construct instrumental tracks with. They'd dig through crates of vinyl trying to find isolated drum breaks, melodies or vocals that they could repurpose for use in hip-hop music.
  • Cover of Chief Keef To Release "Bang 4" EP Before "Bang 3"
    Chief Keef is getting ready to drop his Bang 3 album on March 3rd, but not before he releases a warm up EP, called... Bang 4? That's right, Keef is so ahead of his time, so truly incapable of giving a single fuck that he will release the Bang 4 EP PRIOR to Bang 3.
  • Cover of 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week (Feb. 15-21)
    Dissecting the foibles of the hip hop community as expressed in under 140 characters on Twitter. Not just used as a device to flood people's timelines with your new track, album, video, or clothing line, sometimes rappers truly channel the unfiltered interaction with fans.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Says His Last Two Mixtapes Were Mistakes
    It's common knowledge that Chief Keef's raps have gone downhill, especially with the release of his past two mixtapes, Bang Pt. 2 and Almighty So, which were less than sub-par, and we're not even sure they even satisfied the biggest of Keef's fans.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Reveals "Back From The Dead 2" Mixtape Artwork
    Chief Keef just announced that his Bang 3 project will be an album rather than a mixtape (a fate similar to that of French Montana's Mac & Cheese 4), but we will be getting some new free music from Sosa very soon in the form of Back From The Dead 2, which Keef has now revealed the art for.
  • Cover of Kanye West Has "Several" New Songs With Chief Keef, Will Appear On "Bang 3"
    A photo of Kanye West and Chief Keef working together surfaced a couple weeks back, but there was never any clarification on what the two were cooking up.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Sued For Bailing On Charity Event
    Chief Keef is once again in the hot seat, no doubt a familiar place. The rapper is facing a new lawsuit today, for neglecting to show up for a charity event for breast cancer last June, but taking the event organizer's deposit nonetheless.
  • Cover of Kanye West And Chief Keef Spotted Working On "Bang 3"
    What do you get when a photo on Instagram (which can be seen in the gallery) crops up with Kanye West, Chief Keef, and Interscope A&R, Larry Jackson? Well, you get a torrent of news and speculation. Although, to be fair, it seems most likely that the trio are working on Chief Keef's much anticipated Bang 3.
  • Cover of Album Stream: Young Chop Presents: YB- "Life Of A Boss"
    Young Chop made his name with Chief Keef, but following the GBE rapper's debut album, Finally Rich, Chop has been focusing on developing his own team of artists. One of the rappers he's putting on is fellow Chicago native, YB.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Discontinues Glory Boyz Entertainment In Favor Of Glo Gang, Calls For New Artists
    For those unaware, Chief Keef is currently in the midst of a 90-day, court-ordered stint in a Southern California rehab facility, having been sent there for substance abuse treatment after a string of minor offences, drug related and otherwise.
  • Cover of Migos On Alleged Chief Keef Diss: "If The Shoe Fits..."
    A couple weeks back, Chief Keef called out Atlanta's Migos on Twitter for "sneak dissin'". Since then, two tracks have surfaced that allegedly address the beef, GBE rapper Ballout's "Goin In," and Migos own, "Jealousy".
  • Cover of 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week (Dec 5-11)
    Dissecting the foibles of the hip hop community as expressed in under 140 characters on Twitter. Not just used as a device to flood people's timelines with your new track, album, video, or clothing line, sometimes rappers truly channel the unfiltered interaction with fans.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Calls Out Migos For "Sneak Dissin"
     While the weather is getting colder, the streets are heating up. Not long after Chief Keef took to twitter and blasted Soulja Boy with a fake phone number, Sosa decided to call out Migos for a "sneak diss".
  • Cover of Chief Keef Tweets Out What He Alleges Is Soulja Boy's Phone Number, Then Admits It's Not His
    Beef could be brewing once more between Chief Keef and Soulja Boy. It's almost been a year since the two took their beef public, with Keef tweeting out Soulja Boy's phone number, and Soulja in turn threatening the Chicago rapper. This all seemed to stem from a GBE rapper allegedly stealing one of Soulja's chains.
  • Cover of 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week (Nov. 21-28)
  • Cover of Lady Gaga Says She's "A Big Fan" Of Chief Keef, Keef Responds [Update: More Keef & Gaga Interaction On Twitter]
    Chief Keef has had dialogues with pop stars before--you may remember his short-lived "beef" with Katy Perry earlier this year--but his exchange with Lady Gaga last night following her AMA interview was a much more positive, though no less hilarious encounter.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Announces "Bang 3" Mixtape; Reveals Official Cover Art
     Fresh off the releases of Bang 2 and Almighty So, Chief Keef plans to drop off one more project before the years end.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Fathers Another Child; Ordered To Pay Child Support
     As if taking care of his kids right now wasn’t such an issue, Chief Keef has just learned that he’s the father of yet another child. In his latest legal episode, GBE’s Chief Keef was ordered today to pay thousands of dollars of child support for a child he fathered.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Pays Up $11k To Baby Mama To Avoid More Jail Time
    Chief Keef has been getting a little too cozy with jail time recently, having been in jail twice since October, both on drug-related offenses. The rapper is avoiding a third prison stay by finally paying off some of the child support he owes his baby mama.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Will Feed & "Clean Up After" Horses For His Community Service [Update: Keef Talks To TMZ]
    ...and Chief Keef thought rehab was horseshit. The Chicago rapper was hit with 60 hours of community service following his arrest for speeding earlier this year, and he's finally got his placement-- at an equestrian center.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Headed Back To Jail For Probation Violation [Update: Keef In Drug Treatment Program]
    Chief Keef announced on Instagram earlier today hat he was being sent to jail after appearing in court, and now according to DNAinfo, the Chicago rapper is officially headed back to the big house.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Released From Jail
     It appears that Chief Keef is a free man yet again. After just nine days in Chicago's Cook County Jail for failing a required drug test, Chief Keef was released from jail on Wednesday morning.
  • Cover of Review: Chief Keef's "Almighty So"
    "They want that old Sosa… for what doe?" Well, for good reason. Chief Keef ran into some icebergs with Bang Pt. 2, and the ship continues to sink. The same qualities that were present on his last mixtape reappear on Almighty So. Poor mixing and sloppy delivery continue to cloud the highlights.
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