Charles SDeezy Pierce

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..Since '96, West cost rapper S.deezy has been trying to broke in as one of the best in the game. His creations have really got him noticed by many people in the game & in his neighborhood. So it is said by the locals that the time has come for him to get noticed by the world! Born in Californian raised in Richmond South Side1500 block , with music flowing through his vains and the killings happening in his city he worked hard to make a way out the hood! "You don't have to be from the U.S to make music like US. Its what you know...its not what you use...its how you use it!" S.deezy had undergone heavy Cali influence in his early days after hearing from the likes of N.W.A, C-BO, E-40, Snoop dogg, Dr.Dre followed by KRS One, Biggie, the L.O.X,Bone Thugs,Pac and more later which then sparked the name for his street gang G.B Ryder's. Over the years S.deezy was still in the streets, he even amazed Rock a Block Records in '98 with the help of Loyalty with what he was pulling off at the time! Its certified that his skills have earned him respect and reputation for others to marvel at! His music have been questioned only because his style is so different no one has it! "I've been walking blind for 10years...and one day i realized that God gave me a its only right that i shine!" As he delivers musical blows with incomparable style and strength, like Mohammed Ali in the ring, his music is fresh and ready to generate heat on the map! Not allowing any musical boundaries to limit his creativity, S.deezy is clearly on a mission to hit the Industry for all his falling homies from all angles!.. ....*************************************************.... ..FROM RICHMOND CA TO GREENSBORO NC HE'S REPRESENTING THESE FOLKS!The Craig Family, Big Tef, Calico, InfaRed, R.I.P Omega,Linwood,Wayne, E-dub, Kenny Graves,Mikey, My brother's Chosen and Dante, Vedo, Doo-wop, Ee, TayTay, R.I.P lil.Freddy, lil.Duke and all my niggas from my block 1500 and more...... In regards to his way of creating music, the man with a master plan declares - "I'm more into being original. So if your looking for sampled music...then you've come to the wrong place. I'm 100% ready! In the studio, i have what it take. There's only to things i need the beats and a mic to bring my music to life!" S.deezy started the course with little experience and has now developed into a student with huge potential. He shows a lot of talent through the creation of his music and could do very well if he continues to develop at the rate he's going. He has an excellent attitude towards his studies and characteristics of someone that could go a long way in the game! Charles Pierce"...I took my life and turned it into music and then turn it into reality...others just leave it a dream."..


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