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  • Cover of 8 Hip-Hop Bromances
    Bromances aren't relegated strictly for college frat boys, although you may have that idea in mind. Hip-hop has proved to be the birthing place of many a bromance, some of which have fizzled out over the years, and some of which remain stronger than ever.
  • Cover of Pharrell To Perform With Daft Punk And Stevie Wonder At Grammys [Update: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, John Legend To Perform]
    Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" was easily one of the biggest songs of the summer, but its acclaim goes a lot further than the dancefloor.
  • Cover of 15 Superhero References In Hip-Hop
    The inspiration rappers have drawn from comic book characters over the years is undeniable, whether it be superheroes, villains or relatively normal protagonists who happen to find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Cover of 20 Christmas References In Hip-Hop
    To help you celebrate your Christmas while maintaing the hip-hop on your playlist, we're providing you with 20 jams that have surfaced over the years, from vintage to brand new, that all contain a reference to today in some way or another.
  • Cover of 10 Detroit Players From The Underground
    The Motor City is not necessarily a mecca when it comes to hip-hop, however, it is home to several big names in rap, the first to come to mind are probably Eminem and Big Sean.
  • Cover of 20 References To Horror Flicks In Hip-Hop
    As we've mentioned in previous features, the inspiration rappers draw from film can't be denied, and horror movies are no exception.
  • Cover of First Week Sales Projections For DJ Khaled's "Suffering From Success"
     With DJ Khaled’s seventh studio album, Suffering From Success, hitting store shelves on Tuesday, HDD comes through with their usual first week sales projections. Unfortunately for Khaled, his success doesn't look to be the only thing suffering.
  • Cover of DJ Khaled Promotes New Album In Streets Of Times Square Rocking Jordans
    DJ Khaled just can't stay out of the damn street in his J's! If he's not standing on his Maybach, he's in the middle of Times Square stopping traffic to snap a pic.Khaled was out in NY this week promoting "Suffering From Success", his 7th studio album.
  • Cover of DJ Khaled Responds To Criticism Of "I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie"
    DJ Khaled's new album Suffering From Success officially dropped yesterday, after a delay or two.
  • Cover of Album Stream: DJ Khaled's "Suffering From Success"
    DJ Khaled's Suffering From Success dropped today, but the We The Best leader is giving fans a chance to test out the new project before purchasing, by making the album available for stream.
  • Cover of Lil Wayne Partners With Parisian Watch & Accessory Company
     It looks like Lil Wayne is expanding his fashion empire outside of Trukfit. The New Orleans rapper has partnered up with Parisian watch and accessory company wize&ope.
  • Cover of 20 Of The Best Graffiti References In Hip-Hop
    Along with emceeing, DJing and breakdancing, graffiti is one of the four fundamental elements of hip-hop, and it's been an integral part of the culture since the beginning.
  • Cover of DJ Khaled Announces "Suffering From Success" Release Date [Update: Album Pushed Back]
    DJ Khaled has announced the release date for his upcoming album, Suffering From Success. The album, which has already spawned the hit "No New Friends" with Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, is set to arrive on September 24th.
  • Cover of DJ Khaled Suffering From Sneaker Habit
  • Cover of DJ Khaled Reveals "Suffering From Success" Cover Art
    DJ Khaled released a new single on Monday, which he had preceded with a marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj. The proposal definitely got his name circulating, and did its job as a publicity stunt. 
  • Cover of Wale Launches New Accessories Line "WRKNG TITLE"
    Wale is known for his love of sneakers, but he also has an affinity for another kind of apparel, beanies. He's often spotted with a beanie, or some form of hat, on his dreads, and now he's venturing into fashion with his very own accessories line, "WRKNG TITLE."
  • Cover of Kendrick Lamar Talks Tupac, West Coast Influences
    The hype around Kendrick Lamar refuses to die. After having a huge 2012, he just performed his recently platinum-certified single “Swimming Pools (Drank)” on SNL, as well as joining the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and T-Pain by starring in very own digital short. Kendrick is still doing the
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