Bryant Dope Songs

  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Live Slow
    A sure highlight of this past summer was Bryant Dope's #RawDopeWednesdays series, which brought us a handful of great, varied tracks. Now that the summer's almost officially over (it ends on Monday, September 22), the series comes to a close today with the track "Live Slow."
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Shorty From Paris
    Bryant Dope continues his #RawDopeWednesday series with a new joint today called "Shorty From Paris". Last Wednesday, we got a slightly more uptempo track in "Vibrant Soul" so we're seeing a tremendous amount of range from the Queens MC.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Vibrant Soul
    Thus far, Bryant Dope's #RawDopeWednesdays series has been an astounding success, earning the up-and-coming emcee six reader-approved singles since "My First Love" dropped on July 24th, a feat some artists don't achieve in their entire careers.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Take It All  (Prod. By Hannibal King)
    Thus far, Bryant Dope's ongoing Raw Dope Wednesdays series has brought us five slick tracks that showcase the various different sides of Dope's personality. Today, the sixth, "Take It All," has arrived.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Is It Real
    Bryant Dope's now on the fifth week of his #RawDopeWednesdays series, and along the way, we've seen him wear many different hats. "The Best Part" had him playing the passion-struck, infatuation-addicted lover boy, while "Dark Days" saw him venting, stressing and rapping that his spirit was poisoned. 
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Dark Days
    Over the course of his ongoing #RawDopeWednesdays series (I know, we're a bit late this week), Bryant Dope has worn many hats.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - The Best Part  (Prod. By Tom Misch)
    Last week, NYC's Bryant Dope kicked off his #RawDopeWednesdays series with the track "My First Love," and this week he continues with "The Best Part."
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - My First Love  (Prod. By Hannibal King)
    The last time we heard from Bryant Dope was on early April's soulful "Field of Dreams," an outtake off of his acclaimed Raw Dope mixtape (available here). For fans who have been anxiously anticipating the up-and-comers new material, fret no more.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Field Of Dreams  (Prod. By Fat Jon)
    "Just make sure you rise above all this madness out here. Mind elevation, man. Fuck that petty shit - you don't need it. For real." -Sincere
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - REMINISCE
    A choice cut from rising Queens, New York City emcee Bryant Dope's new Raw Dope EP, which is now available in our mixtape section. Go get it. 
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Blunts  (Prod. By Hannibal King)
    Things are looking better for Bryant Dope with each new release, which Blunts (Prod. By Hannibal King) has proven yet again. It's worthy addition to the impressive body of work Bryant Dope has been developing over the years. We're looking forward to hearing what's next.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Generation Y  (Prod. By Hannibal King)
    Bryant Dope's movement grows stronger with each new release, and Generation Y (Prod. By Hannibal King) has further strengthened that fact.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - NNY  Feat. ANTHM (Prod. By Hannibal King)
    Check out NNY (Prod. By Hannibal King), the latest from Bryant Dope which features a guest appearance from ANTHM on the assist. The track was released on Thursday, April 25th, 2013. Bryant Dope's chances in this game are improving with each new release, and NNY (Prod.
  • Cover of Bryant Dope - Live Your Dreams  Feat. Talib Kweli
    Give Live Your Dreams a spin - it's a new offering from Bryant Dope, featuring Talib Kweli. It was dropped on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010. Bryant Dope's rap artistry continues to improve with every release, something which is most definitely evidenced on Live Your Dreams.
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