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Top Tracks: November 2 - November 8
Top Tracks: November 2 - November 8 Nov 9, 2015 at 06:36pm
10. Fetty Wap - Jimmy Choo It's been less than two months since Fetty Wap's debut self-titled album, which went No. 1, and he's already dropped a joint tape with French Montana and has another EP in the works. "Jimmy Choo," dedicated to the Malaysian fashion designer, would sound nicely on the upcoming release. It's softer than most of Fetty's radio anthems, as Zoovier channels the sound of his new life of luxury. 
5 Songs You Didn't Know Frank Ocean Wrote
5 Songs You Didn't Know Frank Ocean Wrote Apr 7, 2015 at 05:47pm
By now, we all know Frank Ocean best as the Odd Future member who's peeled off and had arguably the most successful solo career of the whole crew. A ton of that is thanks to his solo material, with Channel Orange especially garnering a ton of positive reception, but Ocean's also made his mark on the R&B game as a guest vocalist and writer. High-profile collabs with Kanye and Jay Z have obviously done wonders for his notoriety, but behind the scenes, Ocean's written some big hits for star singers.