Boogz Boogetz Songs

  • Designer
    Boogz Boogetz continues to keep it moving. After hitting us with the track “When I Want” a couple weeks ago, the NYC rapper decides to return tonight with another track titled “Designer,” which we’re happy to premiere for y’all.
  • When I Want
    When I Want
    The 808 Mafia Kill Bill siren is making the rounds, and has now officially landed in New York, showing up on the latest offering from Boogz Boogetz and Reggie Millz. The sound is desirable because it's both otherworldly, and extremely hard, a combo that's instantly attention-grabbing -- thus, it compliments Boogz' street raps quite nicely. This one's not actually produced by Southside, instead cooked up by Brvnnu, meaning producers outside of the 808 Mafia family are catching up with the style.
  • Catch Me A Lick
    Catch Me A Lick
    Boogz Boogetz and K. Smith recently linked up for a short mixtape called A Week In Toronto. Neither of the rappers hail from the six, but apparently they were inspired enough by Drake's stomping grounds to name a project after it. The closing track, "Catch A Lick" is among the best tracks on the project, cruising off of a cold, minimal instrumental that wouldn't sound out of place on Drizzy's most recent project, If You're Reading This It's Too Late.
  • Favorite Drugz
    Favorite Drugz
    The last time we heard from Boogz Boogetz, he was remixing his track "Keep'er Sayin Uhh!" with Rico Ferri and Eddy Boy, and today he returns with some brand new material. Assisted by Hefna Gwap, Boogz drops "Favorite Drugz," a track produced by Lord Plawz. 
  • Keep'er Sayin Uhh! (Remix)
    Keep'er Sayin Uhh! (Remix)
    After hitting us with "Quiet Tip" last month, Boogz Boogetz decides to keep the new music rolling and return today with a new remix to “Keep’er Sayin Uhh!”, featuring Rico Ferri & Eddy Boy.
  • Quiet Tip
    Quiet Tip
    Earlier this year, Boogz Boogetz gave us the New York street anthem, "Bodega", and today he returns with a new collaborative track. Teaming up with Luxury Dutch, Boogz delivers yet another banger, built off of some screaming low-end synths, giving the rapper's a menacing backdrop for their street-ready 16s.Also present are some Mustard-like snaps, but used in a much different (but no less effective) fashion.
  • Bodega
    Boogz Boogetz just hit us with his new C.O.O.L. 2 mixtape, and today he's decided to release a record from the project as a new single. Being from New York, it makes sense that Boogz would shout out the "Bodega", which acts as the central setting to the mixtape highlight. The song is built of of some pummeling low end, which the rapper greets with some slick flows and wordplay.
  • Rock The Boat
    Rock The Boat
    The other day New York native on the come up Boogz Boogetz dropped his new mixtape C.O.O.L. 2. The project seems well-received thus far, and features Fat Trel, Father, Vado, Smoke DZA, Black Cobain and more. One rapper whom Boogz works closely with was noticeably absent: Prodigy. Not to worry, we got you covered, as Boogz sent over this bonus track which, not only features P, it features a "Rock The Boat" Aaliyah sample. Fitting, given the fact that today would have been Aaliyah's birthday.
  • The Plug
    The Plug
    The last we heard from Boogz Boogetz, he was teaming up with Awful Records head honcho, Father, but today he's dropped off a new record with newcomer Sparx Lo. "The Plug" is a slinky new banger, that actually sounds like it could fit in with Awful's sound as well. 
  • OOH He Hot
    OOH He Hot
    Boogz Boogetz is quickly becoming one of the more chameleonic presences in hip-hop this year. In the past two months or so, he's collaborated with Fat Trel, Vado and Smoke DZA, and each time, he seems remarkably able to adapt his style to fit each of those rappers' standard sound. That same assertion holds true for "OOH He Hot," a new collab with Awful Records' Father that very similar to many tracks on the great Young Hot Ebony.
  • T-Shirt
    Boogz Boogetz is in the process of preparing his C.O.O.L. 2 mixtape (the sequel to his 2012 effort). While we've already been given a few pre-release tracks from the upcoming project, today Boogz has given us a freebie he recorded with OP of Bobby Shmurda's GS9 crew.The result is a natural merger of the two rappers sounds, delivering an auto-tune-heavy street anthem. 
  • American Dream
    American Dream
    NYC native Boogz Boogetz will release his C.O.O.L. 2 mixtape shortly, and today he's back with another leak for us. Following the release of “Overdose” & “Feel Right”, Boogz comes through and delivers his newest offering titled “American Dream” featuring Vado.
  • 40 Oz
    40 Oz
    The cross-generational New York team of Boogz Boogetz and Prodigy already gave us one Drew Skillz-produced track from their forthcoming Young Rollin Stoners project today, "Next Level," and now they're back with another. "40 Oz" is more relaxed than its predecessor, but no less dope. 
  • Next Level
    Next Level
    If you're a young rapper on the come-up in NYC, an assist from one of the city's many hip-hop legends is the stuff you dream about. In Boogz Boogetz's case, he's about to chock up an entire project with none other than Prodigy, one-half of the legendary Queensbridge duo Mobb Deep. Here's "Next Level," one of two tracks from their upcoming Young Rollin Stonerz project that they've shared today.
  • Overdose
    Shortly after dropping off the Black Cobain-featured cut “Feel Right”, Boogz Boogetz is back with another one for the fans. This time around, the NYC rapper calls on Smoke DZA for his second release of the day with “Overdose”.
  • Feel Right
    Feel Right
    NYC native Boogz Boogetz will release his C.O.O.L. 2 mixtape shortly, and today he's dropped off two new tracks from the project. Here's the first of them, "Feel Right," which also features Black Cobain.
  • Live
    A few days ago, we shared the video for "Live," a new collab from Boogz Boogetz and Fat Trel, and now we're proud to be able to premier the audio. 
  • Off The Chain
    Off The Chain
    We last heard from Queens emcee Boogz Boogetz less than a week ago when he dropped off his MalTar Music collaboration "Dope Nigga." Now, the rapper is back with another confident new single, "Off The Chain." Featuring Thwaglord and produced by Yung Ave Beats, the track finds both lyrical contributors with money on their minds and willing to do whatever it takes to acquire said wealth.
  • Dope Nigga
    Dope Nigga
    Queens MC Boogz Boogetz has noticed a problem in his life. He's attracting the ire of people around him simply due to his lifestyle as a self-proclaimed "Dope Nigga." That's what he titles his latest release, a song that has him explaining this problem: "They mad, 'cause I do what they can't."
  • All This Money
    All This Money
    Boogz Boogetz continues down the lane of colorfully dreamy cloud rap on his latest Fall Out Beatz-produced offering, "All This Money". With some layered auto-tuned vocals, Boogz provides a psychedelically-inclined sound that he continues to develop with each new release.