Boogie Songs

  • Cover of Boogie - Do It Like We
    Boogie is probably not a name you're too familiar with yet, if you are familiar with him at all. The single dad, who was born in Compton but later moved to Long Beach, CA, started rapping approximately four years.
  • Cover of Boogie - Westside  Feat. Aston Matthews (Prod. By Caleb Stone)
    We introduced you to Boogie with the video for "Do It Like We", a track that was decidedly west coast, without jumping on current Ratchet trends from the region.
  • Cover of Boogie - Let Me Rap
    Today we premiered Long Beach, CA rapper Boogie's new mixtape, Thirst 48, and among many great tracks is "Let Me Rap." Beginning by saying "I love you women, but I hate you bitches," Boogie then unwinds by letting his troubles out over a groovy, smooth beat.
  • Cover of Boogie - Highskoo Interlude
    The last we heard from Boogie was his team up with Aston Matthews, "Westside". As we await his upcoming project, Thirst 48, the California spitter has given us a new outtake to generate even more thirst for the full-length.
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