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Emerged from the Hauts-de-Seine in 1996 in the duo Lunatic, Booba marked the French rap red hot iron from its first appearance. Separated from his group in the early 2000s and already a gold record, he began with his first solo album Time Out (2001) discography unprecedented success. Master of words, pulling his balls with an eloquence that voice alone control, it marks fast ing the distance against a French scene shocked by the audacity vocal techniques and musical Fame (2003), his second solo album. At the helm of his own label Tallac Records, he moves prowess, let "rappers and rappers bone on the floor" and already has his millions. With West Side, released in 2005, he appears relaxed face competition enraged that bullies to blow punchlines vitriolic. Celebrated or hated, he became in a few years the standard against which the French rap is now trying to compete without ever reaching. The dirty kid rapping in the mid-90s that "only crime pays" is now an accomplished entrepreneur, an artist who adored multi-platinum has earned a place in the sun in the sheer force of his pen and a desire flawless. "Since crime pays, zero loss", he rapped on the 2005 hit "Keep fishing", which will say otherwise? If Booba reached this state of grace is that it has never stood still. Always at the forefront of his art, he has never ceased to dare, to test, to challenge to hit harder with each release. Announced by the single "Illegal", a grandiose production Egotrip bold 0.9 is no exception to the rule and once again cleared land unpublished mixing unexpected experiences and productions of art. Backed by the production Animalsons but also by the German Phrequincy (already responsible for the underground hit "92izi" in 2005), the French and Therapy DREAMTOUCH, Belgian Street Fabulous Oneshot or he flirting with innovative sounds, pushing its own limits as well as those of French rap. Mixing environments lugubrious "Izi Monnaie" or "Garcimore" to lightweight titles as impeccable "Bad Boy" on which he invites the wonder of modern reggae DeMarco, as he navigates between common sign of a rare artistic independence in French rap that often merely rehashing formulas often. Never missing an opportunity to celebrate America and rap upscale Booba does not mean forgetting the past and vintage rap that did grow. The masterful "Izi Life" (feat. the entire crew 92i), which echoes the dirty-south, this report moist from the south of the United States that has helped popularize in France, then meets retro-futuristic " tomato onion salad "which revives the atmosphere of wild rap 90s. But not content to outrun the majority of French MC on the grounds of pure rap, Booba also confirmed its lead in venturing with "Illegal" or "RAS" Field unfrequented rap sung. Suddenly extending his musical spectrum revealing a unique vocal control in a rapper, he scrambles then tracks and streams with "King" produced by the American BKS, production of which he invites destabilizing Rock City (new protected singer Akon with which Booba recorded the hit "Gun in hand"). Even more amazing, it literally pulverizes the boundaries of rap with the UFO "As long as they love me", a variation on the fairer sex in the form of powerful electro-rock hit. Armed refrains whittled, leaning on a verb always rich with vivid images he draws between realism and film encrypted urban Booba proves once again the background as virtuoso form. Through Egotrip avenger "Game over" or "Sink or swim", he embarks the listener on a trip where everything is images, sensations and impressions, puns and hidden meanings. And if the atmosphere is at war, a gun in one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other, Booba still retains a sense of humor, that smile that defies competition while celebrating his success. But this is never Egotrip sententious way, as evidenced by the solitary song "Soldier" (feat. Naadei) or the brilliant "0.9", as violent as touching introspection which closes the album, giving relief to the surprising superman injured. And it is this strength Booba, the ability to rust out competition for two rhymes evoke some titles later, its most visible flaws. Brand giants. Through vocal effects and unreleased music tracks untouched, 0.9 (name given to cocaine purest available on the market. A term that echoes Booba rap, too pure and uncut), reveals its complexity over the plays, surprised then seduced by his passion, the rage unswerving in the service of creativity that now seems limitless. Handing his title to confirm his position as leader of the invincible French rap meteor book again a disc consistency, inventiveness and a few technical.


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