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Visit the official website for everything Bobby Blain plus Blain & sKrew! Bobby Blain’s first love in music was with percussion. From banging on pots and pans as a kid to hammering away on the desks at school, Blain was always getting into trouble for making noise. He turned that noise into music while he played drums in a rock band called On The Rise through high school. They gigged parties at colleges, venues including places like The Belmont, I-Rock, and Clutch Cargo’s, and recorded a demo at Pro Sound Studios in Flint, MI. Hip-hop sparked Bobby Blain’s interest while he was in the band, and started constructing beats electronically with Fruity Loops as well as writing lyrics. As time went on, more and more focus went into the hip-hop applications. Blain eventually joined a local hip-hop group named “YTP” and began recording in a co-artist’s project studio. YTP played local shows often and created a couple mix-tapes, but after two years with the group Bobby Blain made the decision to branch off with his long-time friend and co-artist N’sKrewtable (aka sKrew). They wanted to allow each other the creative input they desired so they formed a duo named Blain & sKrew based out of Ypsilanti, MI. They landed an opening act at a Chip Tha Ripper concert in Toledo, OH, did several shows in southeast, MI and recorded a 3 song demo at Nation Studios in Southfield, between 2009-2011. After years of preparing/researching, an endless effort to construct a project studio materialized, and Bobby Blain began self-recording, mixing, and mastering. Blain & sKrew now has a compilation they hope people will connect with, listen to, promote, and spark their interest enough to see them perform it live. Blain & sKrew salute!


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