Beyonce Songs

  • Can I
    Can I
    Last week's episode of OVO Sound Radio, episode 6, was the biggest yet, as Drake premiered his joint album with Future, What a Time to Be Alive. Drake isn't in the booth tonight (Oct. 3), but episode 7 is shaping up to be pretty interesting.
  • Can I (Remix)
    Can I (Remix)
    Our friend D.R.A.M. got a huge look earlier this week when Beyoncé Instagrammed a video of herself dancing to his still-rising hit "Cha Cha," exposing it to the entire Beyhive. Today, D.R.A.M. keeps the Beyoncé connection going by remixing her recently-leaked track with Drake, "Can I."
  • Crazy In Love
    Crazy In Love
    Yesterday, we were given further confirmation that a collaborative album from Jay Z and Beyonce was on its way, so in honor of Throwback Thursday, we've decided to revisit one of the couple's very first musical collaborations.
  • Jealous (Remix)
    Jealous (Remix)
    Beyonce's album came out at the tale end of 2013, but there still isn't a day that goes by where you don't hear some music from the surprise release. Today we've received a new version of the underrated deep cut, "Jealous," which now comes complete with new vocal contributions from Chris Brown.So far, it's not clear whether Chris decided to hop on the song himself, or whether this was actually meant to be officially released through Bey. Either way, it's out there now, as Brown chooses to take a classic duet approach, providing call and response verses to the ballad.
  • Me, Myself & I (Freestyle)
    Me, Myself & I (Freestyle)
    Big Sean may be preparing to drop off his new album Dark Sky Paradise tomorrow, but today he's hitting us with a freebie, "Me, Myself & I." The freestyle is over Beyonce's instrumental, which, in case you didn't is produced by Ro Ransom's frequent collaborator RobGotBeats. Sean Don starts off by saying it's one of his favorite Bey tracks of all time (#facts). 
  • Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades Of Grey Remix)
    Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades Of Grey Remix)
    Not gunna lie, I definitely fuck with this "Crazy In Love" remix more than the original. Beyonce puts a spin on her 2003 hit single for the soundtrack of "Fifty Shades of Grey," and it's a darker, more mature version of the track; it even has a H-town feel with that chopped & screwed influence. This is the second song we've received off that "Fifty Shades of Grey" soundtrack today, following up The Weeknd's "Where You Belong" produced by Mike Dean.
  • 7/11 (Remix)
    7/11 (Remix)
    DJ Mustard rarely releases remixes, so when he does, it's an occasion for celebration. This time, perhaps you should take that celebration to a hotel room, because he's chosen to rework Beyoncé's "7/11." As we haven't heard any solo stuff from Mustard since 10 Summers dropped last July, it's great to hear some new output from the man who ruled the radio in 2014. Is this taken from an upcoming compilation of remixes (we hope so), or is it merely a one-off track? Only time will tell for that one, but let's hope it's the former. 
  • 7/11 (Remix)
    7/11 (Remix)
    Beyonce's new single "7/11," which was released in promotion of her new Platinum Edition self-titled album, gets a festive remix courtesy of one of the song's original producer's, Detail, as well as Coke Boy general French Montana. It's definitely not what you might expect. This version takes the original's hyped up energy down a notch, with it being labeled as a Christmas version.
  • Flawless (Remix)
    Flawless (Remix)
    Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj shut down Twitter when she remixed Beyoncé's female empowerment anthem "Flawless." Now Minaj, who called herself the "queen of rap" on the remix, has attracted the ire of Lil Kim, who has offered up her own remix of the track. In it, she sends barbs at Minaj with the lines: “Am I trippin’ or did this ho just say my name? Queen of rap, fuck outta here / Queen’s back, fuck outta here / Time to get this rap bitch up outta here.”
  • Flawless (Remix)
    Flawless (Remix)
    "Flawless" was one of the most instantaneous highlights from Beyonce's self-titled album. Originally released as "Bow Down", the track was reworked for the album with a direct response to critics of Bey's feminism, incorporating a spoken word sample that stunted on each and every hater.Nicki Minaj, another awesome and powerful woman, has now joined her on the remix, reportedly pushing back her own single for this very release.
  • Partition (DJ Rob Dinero Remix)
    Partition (DJ Rob Dinero Remix)
    After just being featured on Michelle Williams new single “Say Yes”, Beyonce is back making noise on the site, but thanks DJ Rob Dinero that is. Dinero decided to put together this remix of Beyonce’s song "Partition" and gets some contributions from R&B artist Nathaniel and rapper Busta Rhymes.
  • Say Yes!
    Say Yes!
    Michele Williams, always the least visible member of Destiny's Child takes center stage on the group's latest reunion, recruiting former group members Beyonce and Kelly Rowland to assist her on her new solo track, "Say Yes!". Sticking with the singer's Post-DC direction, the song is a Christian-themed track, though an extremely danceable one, built off of a a very rhythmic, EDM-leaning beat.
  • Share
    Stream and/or download "Share," the latest offering from Philadelphia emcee Privaledge, produced by YBL's Herb Beats. It samples Jay Z, Kanye West and Beyonce's Watch The Throne collaboration "Lift Off," produced by Don Jazzy, Jeff Bhasker, Mike Dean and Yeezus himself. Thoughts on the record?
  • Standing On The Sun (CDQ)
    Standing On The Sun (CDQ)
    We heard a snippet from Beyonce's "Standing On The Sun" in her H&M commercial last year. The track was expected to appear on her fifth studio album, until she allegedly scrapped the original tracklist and started from scratch. We now have the full quality version of the song, which in retrospect definitely would not have fit the self-titled record. The summer-y track was co-written by Sia, who's written on plenty of pop hits including Rihanna's "Diamonds" and Yonce's own "Pretty Hurts" (which did make the cut).
  • Dreams
    Boots popped up earlier today with a new release "A Day In The Life Of Jordan Asher", which followed up our introduction to the singer "My Heart Is A Stone Today." As it turns out, there's another record from Boots circulating the internet today and it happens to feature his past collaborator Beyonce. Beyonce and Boots worked closely together on Bey's self-titled LP, so it is unsurprising that the Queen Bey returned the favor for Boots on "Dreams."
  • Partition Part 1 (Ted Smooth Remix)
    Partition Part 1 (Ted Smooth Remix)
    If you thought a club could go no crazier over a Beyonce song, just take a gander at Ted Smooth's party-friendly(er) take on Beyonce's wonderful "Partition" song. Ted Smooth melds his signature sound with Beyonce's undeniable touch. Here we see him take Beyonce's vocals and put them over her husband's, Jay-Z's, signature, "Jigga My Nigga." Much like the Beyonce album from which this was (partly) derived, Ted Smooth seems to have dropped this from out of the blue. But we're glad we got treated to it all the same.
  • Drunk In Love (Remix) (CDQ/Dirty)
    Drunk In Love (Remix) (CDQ/Dirty)
    Several "Drunk In Love" remixes started pouring in over the weekend, including one from The Weeknd in celebration of his birthday, and one from the King of the South, T.I. However, none compare to the bars that Yeezy laid down for Beyonce's Jay Z-featured cut.
  • Drunk In Love (Remix)
    Drunk In Love (Remix)
    First we heard Kanye West's gloriously over-sharing verse on "Drunk In Love", then The Weeknd decided to do his own version, and now T.I. has blessed us with a new 16 added to an EDM remix of the song.
  • Drunk In Love (Remix)
    Drunk In Love (Remix)
    We heard the official remix earlier, which boasted a new Kanye West verse added to the original, but today The Weeknd celebrates his 24th birthday by releasing his own rendition Beyoncé's classic. True to the Weeknd's forté, he alters the originally sweet song into an eerie track that involves heavy drug-use and dark introspection. The Weeknd's take on the beloved song is quite chilling.
  • Drunk In Love (Remix)
    Drunk In Love (Remix)
    In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Beyoncé releases her remix to "Drunk In Love," which is similar to her original song, except that one didn't feature Kanye West. That's right, Yeezy is on the track with a blistering verse, most likely inspired by his very recent fiancé, Kim Kardashian. Sure, few approve of their iminent matrimony (while many don't care, there are some who find the idea revolting) but Kanye's talents are rarely disputed.