Beyonce Mixtapes

  • WinterSpringSummerFall
    After the initial shock of Beyonce's surprise self-titled debut wore off, the question among many fans on perusing the liner notes was-- who the hell is Boots? The name was present within the credits of almost every song on the album, and it wasn't long before someone connected the dots and revealed the pseudonym to belong to Jordy Asher, Roc Nation's most recent signee. Since then Boots has been sharing solo cuts through his soundcloud, and today he gives us his debut project, WinterSpringSummerFall.
  • Beyonce (Chopped & Screwed By Ron C & DJ Candlestick)
    Beyonce (Chopped & Screwed By Ron C & DJ Candlestick)
    Ever listen to Beyonce and wonder what it would be like slowed down and chopped up? Well, wonder no more as DJ Candlestick and Ron C got together and produced a chopped and screwed mix of Beyonce's self-titled album, known colloquially as Chopyonce.
    YONCÉ-X is the latest remix project from East Flatbush emcee/producer MeLo-X, which finds him putting his own spin on choice cuts from Beyonce's new self-titled visual album. It was accompanied by a series of brief video remixes, which y'all can peep here. Can you dig it? From the man himself: