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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Everybody’s All American?” Someone who appeals to the people, the common individual, someone who you can find a little piece of yourself within? Well this is the best phrase to describe Bennie Dub. Bennie was born and bread on the North side of Houston near "gunspoint" but moved to Compton, CA at the age of 12. So he's the perfect blend of that down South swagg and that West Coast Hustle. Music wasn't always the dream for Bennie when approached about doing music at the age of 13 Bennie took it as a joke because becoming the next big hip-hop star never really crossed his mind. He had other plans like every young kid he wanted to be a superstar athlete. Whether it was dribbling a basketball or being the first to cross the finish line on the track rapping was never apart of his success plan, but music would win in the end. Seeing the potential he had yet to see in him self his uncle took him and a friend of his to the studio. On the way there the uncle began playing beats and Bennie started rapping and this is where destiny took over. “At a young age Bennie went through a lot and has had to overcome a number of things like so many of today's youth.” His struggle may not have been that of most but it was enough for him to realize that anything that’s worth having is worth fighting for. From dealing with the hardship of not being able to see his mom to being deserted by his father music has become a canvas for Bennie to paint his picture. "“I’m just another young man tryna make it I want to be an example for our generation and let it be known you don’t have to be a product of your environment. My music is based on my life and the things I've seen. Its time for change Barrack said it and we as artist need to have that same attitude. Bring back the reality to music instead of fantasy."” His charisma is unexplainable and his talent is undeniable. He's a prime example to everyone out there to never give up on your dreams. Everything that happens in your life is already pre destined. God has everything lined up for all of us but it’s our job to notice what exactly it is and capitalize on it and that’s what Bennie's doing now. "I’ve learned in this game you have to have patience that is the key. A lot of people lose that and leave before their time and since this was something I wanted for me I had to stick it out."” It’s been a journey for Bennie but the road has just begun. It was 8 years ago when Bennie first opened his mouth to a microphone and Bennie is looking to knock down a lot of doors and break out a lot of windows. Look for this kid to make a lot of noise in the years to come.


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