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Brandon "cNote" Martin is a 22 year old young man who grew up in the East of New Orleans, Louisiana. He was then moved to Dallas, Tx by the force of the unforgettable Hurricane Katrina at the age of 15. From there he then found himself in a desert town in Nevada called Pahrump, where he would then begin pursuing his music career. At the age of 16 he would become well known in this little town for his amazing lyrical skills and unique style. By age 17 he began recording many songs with the older crowd and then started recording solo. At 18 he moved down to Atlanta, Ga with his sister to enroll in college and also to help his music ambitions prosper. Even though he had about 100 plus songs recorded at the time he had only dropped 1 mixtape to the public called "Sleeping On Me". This mixtape was 21 tracks long and was full of amazing remixes and also some of his very own original songs. Since 2009 he has released "The Words of Huey Freeman Jr." which was a mixtape that can be loved universally and not just throughout the black community. His latest solo mixtape was titled "5 A.M. Madness" due to the fact that he recorded it at 5 a.m. one random night when inspiration hit him. Complete with a handful of tracks that will have anyone vibin' even at 5 in the morning. He is currently making hits with his friend and Tainted Youth creator Juice Almighty. So far they have dropped an epic mixtape entitled Mike's Hard Mixtape named after the drink Mike's Hard Lemonade. It is several songs full of remixes and many originals to show off their amazing skills what can happen when they get together in the studio.


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