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Previously known as "T-Bagz" Trevor Eckman A.K.A. "Bagginz" either found himself writing music, MC'ing talent shows, or performing parodies for school charity events throughout his childhood. Performing was his calling, music was his passion, and Hip Hop was his destiny. "I had to change my name in order to earn more respect as an artist. Everyone from my town knows me as T-Bagz, and has since I was in like 7th grade, but now that the music is spreading outside of the 585, I wanted to come with a name that people would take more seriously, even though I'm always going to be a goofball at heart." As one of the realest artists trying to make it in the rap game, you will NEVER hear a lyric that Bagginz can’t stand by. From the bottom of his heart, every spoken word is Bagginz himself. You will never find him trying to be something he's not, or rap about a life style he doesn't live. Bagginz is the realest dude I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. “A lot of rappers these days talk about things that have absolutely nothing to do with their life. I think that’s why people respect what I’m trying to do. I’m always gonna keep it real, no matter the situation” Lyrically, Bagginz is coming at the hip-hop industry with a whole new style. Never once has he adhered to the pressures of swearing in his lyrics. “That’s just the way I was brought up, and that’s never gonna change. I honestly feel like cursing only displays an ignorance of vocabulary". Representing Rochester NY, Christianity and his faith to God, Bagginz mixes fresh style, rhythm and unique punch lines. “I like rapping about stuff everyone can relate to. I have a bunch of favorite athletes, sports teams, cartoon characters, actors ect. which I’m always incorporating in what I write. I also remember an incredible amount about my childhood. I feel like when I talk about real life situations I’ve gone through, others can also relate, and that gives them a feeling that brings them back to similar experiences they’ve had. It just brings my fans that much closer to me as an artist.”


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