Was born Jeremy Kardarius Duanta Badon in McComb,Ms at Southwest Hospital. The name Bud was a nickname given by his family,at the age of 4 his father was sent to prison on drug charges so Jeremy(Bud Da’ Don) had never met his real father he always believed that his mother’s husband was his dad. Bud starting fighting at a early age when he was in pre school he started fighting anybody that messed with him or bothered his friends. He met one of his best friends in pre school name Deaundra Smith, which is also his cousin but they did not no they were cousins at the time when his dad was released from prison he met the other side of his family.Bud Da’ Don had never been around street life or violence until he met his dad side of the family, they were gang bangers, hustlers, and killers. Bud wasn’t scared because all this ran in his blood and his uncle name Pat wouldn’t let him or his cousin Deaundra a.k.a. Tec be scary his uncle taught him about all the gang banging and and how to be real in the streets. Bud Da’ Don learned all about Drugs from watching his dad and by watchin alot of gangsta movies. When Bud was In Kindergarten he spit on the teacher because he didnt like the way she treated the kids,that was his first red light his mom stayed giving him beatings. when he was 8 years old he heard master p and no limit rap every since then he wanted to be a rapper. All his cousins and sister use to laugh at his raps tellin him he couldn’t rap so he stop rapping and starting focussing on the NBA he wanted to go to the Pro’s and play like his favorite player Kobe Bryant but one day Bud Heard Lil Booosie CD, he said to himself that nigga the best rapper alive but at the time Lil Boosie was still local and never been heard around the world but Bud still wanted to be like him. Bud had stayed with his dad side of the family every summer and all the holidays so he was into the street life very well he liked lil booosie because he rapped about street life and told true life stories so Bud start to rap again but this time he was way different and had a mean attitude with his flow he let his family hear him flow and they were amazed but he still didn’t take music serious until he was 13. When he was 13 he recorded his own mixtape called Youngest in the Game and he made three volumes. Bud started battling rappers over his city and every where else, he would get tardy for class jus to go to the bathroom to battle he was out flowing everybody but one dude name Ken Magee use to always give him a go for his money some time bud would win sometime ken would win but Bud soon started making more music and made over 12 mixtapes and the streets of tylertown a.k.a. Swagga City was waiting on him to drop again so he kept coming but Bud quit rapping for a while and took a break but everybody was steady asking when you coming back out again so he started back with music again and formed a small label called Savage ENT. bUt he changed the name to Swagga City Ent. he had many artist like Pora,Young Tec,Lil T, Lil Man,SWagga Boi,Lil Yellow,and Papa Smurf who later committed suicide. Bud also used to rap with hiz cousons and friends KJ,4-POINT, and Tank But they wasnt serius about there music like he was. Bud clicked up with CNB RECORDS.. and made a collab album with Young Choppa Who is known as Chris Hatchet today the album sold pretty good but not like bud thought it would Bud and Chris notice there CEO LaTodd Fountian was to busy and wasn’t making things happen so they left with much love for CNB Records but they couldnt sit and wait around Bud started back up his label and started making mixtape again he made Life of a a Boss mixtape and started puttin all his old crew on the mixtape like Sergeant G,Chris Hatchet, Pora, Tec,Lil Yellow.Lil Man, Lil T, J-weezy and more he was known very well in his town and more places beacuse of his hit single By tha Bar feauturing Da Rapper Lil Dean and Chris Hatchet. Bud MOM had met a manager name Kojo Davis on facebook and told him to check out bud music he said he liked him and Bud kind of sounded like boosie, soon bud became a member of the 100 Drums/KLE family. HE jus finish his Debut album King Status feauturing ML of Jackson,MS, SMOKE,BOSS LADI,SWAGGA BOI, and MZ.ARI the album is produced by ML, Chris Hatchet, and City it was scheduled to drop late June of 2011 but do to label issue and his label scamming him for his money BUD left the label and was never able to release his music. He just dropped his latest mixtape called "MISSISSIPPI SICKEST" (2012). He is working on his new one called "Da Badon" it is scheduled to drop sometime in 2013.


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