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Contact B-Towns Finest on Facebook: Contact Mid-West Promotions on Facebook: With shrinking budgets, music executives are searchin out the next YouTube sensation with a catchy hook and dance move in order to blow up digital single sales. While many starving & talented artists are trying to break through despite an industry melt down, few have been met with critical praise, and the applause for those that have has not been loud enough to sway the hip-hop and rap market. Looking to excel in this game, Mid-West's 22 year old native B-Towns Finest aka Tha Finest Kind (born Jason Hauger) brings promise of a new day in hip hop music. Growing up in the cold state of Wisconsin, His hometown of Beloit would provide much of the sights and experiences that would come to shape him and his sound. He fell into the music scene back in 2004 at the age of 15 when he learned that the easiest way to personally deal with all the bullshit and drama in his life was to write and let it out. Learning the basics of rhyming and using his writing skills he became instantly hooked. From there he dived deep into his local music scene to gain some street credit and family in the Nasty Norf. Seizing every opportunity to meet and connect with local artists, he started up "Mid-West Promotions" to help blow up the North as big as the south, east and west has it with the music industry. He feels the north does have talent, just need to come together as one and make something happen. Determined to create a movement, he pushes mix-tapes and albums around his area. He hopes to gain friendships and love from people who share the same passions for music. Feeling the need to be heard, B-Towns Finest joined up with his hometown artists Daiyon aka Daiga, Yung Blaze and Nasty Norf Entertainment, pushing himself and his teams artists to the top without a doubt in his mind to stop. Both the love and the hate is pushing him hard. Dedicating himself, gaining motivation and help from everyone he can, he's on the road to success without turning and looking back. "All a man like me wanna do is get the world to walk in my footsteps for a minute, feel me where im coming from and unite the North and get the same recognition as the South, East And West has with Music. Til then, I cant and wont stop." With such motivation and dedication on display, Tha Finest Kind is set to wake up a dormant industry and cement his name in this game. But more than that, he hopes to change the tide of current hip-hop/rap music, swaying it in a more insightful, meaningful and passionate direction. Contact Daiyon aka Daiga on Facebook: Contact Yung Blaze on Facebook:


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