The Great Singer/Songwriter And R&B/Pop Prince of Point Blank Recordings Often compared to the legendary Michael Jackson at an early age with soft melodic tones, B-May remains humble and is one of the hardest working recording artists in the country. Brandon Maynard was born on October 22, the only child to Jerry and Harriett Maynard who lived in a quaint one story home in Garland, TX. In his earlier years, Brandon participated in everything from choir to sports, easily dominating his peers through hard work and commitment. Like any other child, Brandon was not perfect. In elementary school, Brandon talked a lot, sometimes to the point of the teacher sending notices home to his parents. To remedy this, Brandon�s father Jerry kept his only son busy with basketball, baseball and football. The young competitive athlete earned numerous trophies in baseball while concurrently attending basketball camp during summer breaks. In middle school, Brandon looked for new challenges to conquer. Basketball, football and baseball remained a priority while, band and track were added to an already intense schedule. Brandon collected an MVP award in basketball, played a saxophone that brought him to the all city band and enhanced his vocal repertoire through various choir functions. He made the varsity basketball team as a freshman in high school, continued playing baseball and maintained superior grades much to the satisfaction of his parents. In his sophomore year of high school, Brandon reconnected with a friend Jamo who also rapped and predicted they would eventually do songs together. He dismissed this notion as basic conversation, not actually believing it would happen. As time went on, Brandon began to lose interest in basketball during his junior year of high school and decided to replace this activity with a more concentrated effort at making music. Shy but willing to pursue the challenge, Brandon studied Soulja Boy Tell Em, specifically the route chosen to propel the now famous rapper a short time prior. Excited at the prospect of exploring this new option, Brandon toyed with the preinstalled Microsoft Windows music programs on his home computer. Rapping seemed easy enough to the B average student, who wrote countless songs upon completing the required school work and chores. Brandon became B-May, a way to recognize his first initial and last name, but still doubted the overall concept of becoming a recording artist. B-May knew first hand that his father Jerry would not approve of his only son flirting with anything other than education and sports, so he decided to keep it secret. Frustrated, confused and excited, B-May mentioned his ideas and doubts to a classmate, James who completely understood his friend�s dilemma. James convinced B-May to pursue his goal, and went further to entice his friend to try singing live, for a small group that gathered moments earlier in their history class to rap as the class ended. Nervous as everyone looked on, B-May delivered a smooth, soulful sound that captivated the small audience. Later that year during summer break, B-May met with childhood friend Jeremy and with this new found desire to record, the two went on to form a group called �Cool Breeze�. They learned as they went along for the most part as B-May grew more comfortable singing in addition to rapping. The group leased music from Sound Click, built a makeshift studio at B-May�s home in Garland inside of a small closet. B-May and Jeremy ripped insulation out of the cushions of an old sofa, padding the walls to make them soundproof. They added their material to rapidly growing Myspace as soon as each song was completed. This went on for several hours a day, generally three days a week and throughout their senior year in high school. Satisfied with a strong friendship and mutual interest in music, the two agreed to attend the same college and fortunately ended up sharing the same dorm room. Never the one to back down, B-May entered college full steam, with an intention to study biology, in addition to full time music recording. This proved tremendously difficult, nevertheless, the artist inside flourished. He reconnected with Jamo to record their smash hit single, �I Got It�, the song collaboration predicted years earlier that B-May had completely dismissed. B-May continues to record, in some cases, until four a.m. to ensure quality with each of his masterpieces. In addition to recording and school, B-May retained a suitable following on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter which is where an unexpected conversation took place that changed everything. On or about November 7, 2009, B-May tweeted his usual promotional tagline for followers to listen to a newly released mix tape when someone commented on his music, using the name �ImpactWorldwide�. The two spoke of music, the other individual introducing himself as Jonathon A Sisco, who started an indie label called Point Blank Recording, owned by a larger marketing, management and consulting company named Impact Worldwide Entertainment. Cautious of a scam involving management years before, B-May initially chose to keep Jonathon at a distance, but within the first few months, both shared a mutual respect for one another. The artist would go on, with Sisco�s blessing, to create his own label, Cool Breeze Inc composed of long time friends Jamo and J-Bright. An excellent songwriter, B-May intends to secure a lucrative deal through Point Blank Recordings/Impact Worldwide Entertainment and has found great success in his newest single titled, �Be With Me� released March 2010 while cool Breeze cemented a strong presence online and through performances throughout Texas. Check B-May out at twitter.com/_BMay_ and facebook.com/Official.BMay , youtube.com/bmay003,


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