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-Arj- Born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1995, Arj has moved around places for a while, before settling down in Brisbane, Australia. Arj began writing poems, lyrics and songs in 2005, which is how he discovered his love for music. Inspired mainly the culture, craft and emotion of music, Arj isn't trying to rebirth Hip-Hop (or re-invent the wheel), he's just taking his own route in creating music, creating a new branch in the tree of Hip-Hop, in developing his own style. Arj's debut mixtape, Line By Line, is set to be released on the 17th of July on HotNewHipHop. -Narrow Zone- Narrow Zone is a group and production company founded to give the world a home to express themselves freely, without the control or pressure from creating what they want, when they want, with who they want to, wherever they want to. Currently home to Arj, our founding member, our plan is to share the dreams of people that cannot reach them. To give the world the opportunities that they do not receive because of their position in society. To share our goals and our story within beats and rhymes, without having to deal with labels and judgement. We are basically a lifestyle and labelled group of people that have dreams of taking music to a new level of art. We stay zonin' to our fans, to the world and to hip-hop and rap. If you want to zone up with us on your current projects or anything, check out our music. We produce and create original music, something with a real feel to it. Download our music, watch our videos and check out our affiliates! Narrow Zone is based in Brisbane, QLD. Zone It Up! Arjun "Arj" Kantaria Founder | Narrow Zone


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