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[ Recent Interview ] Q: Who is Anto’Neyo the Artist A: An outcast who marches to the beat of his own drum while trying to fix the mindset of his lost generation. Q: How would you classify your music? A: Abstrack Vybe Q: Is that your own genre? How would you describe your sound? A: How Praying is to religion, is how Abstrack Vybing is to music. Q: How would you describe your shows? A: Ego-Free. Exhausting at times because when you vybing, subconsciously exercising. Everyone is understanding. Everyone is in the mood to understand each other. Q: One thing I found out about you is you went on tour in Tanzania. First off, where did you go? A: Arusha and Dar Q: Who did you work with out there? A: G-Nako, AY, Young Omega, Warriors of the East, Genrtriez, East Africa TV, Kalapina, Bilo Fasihi Q: What is your favorite memory? A: Almost stabbed by a confused prostitute. Q: What did you learn out there? A: I live in America: One of the most controversial countries on our earth. After what I witnessed out there, we as Americans are VERY spoiled. There are people out there dealing with more trials and tribulations then we experience on our worst days, and still maintain to have a positive view on life. My manager is a good man so he took care of me like he does his city and instead of 5 star hotels, we stayed in more intimate places so that I would understand the life as a Tanzanian. Talking politics with a wealthy crack head while numbing my jaw with a natural leaf let me know the experience I was getting can NEVER be retraced. Q: What’s Next? A: The unexpected. Q: Where can listeners and those interested in Anto’Neyo find you? A: • www.antoneyo.com • Twitter -> @TheTabooArtist • Facebook -> Discombobulated Anto’Neyo • “Anto’Neyo” on Souncloud.


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