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Full of innovation and simply one of the greatest is the best way to describe the next recording artist to make an uprise in music coming out of Atlanta, GA. Born February 20, 1987 rapper Ant Da Man began pursuing his musical dreams after listening to Jay-Z album Blueprint 2. It all slowly started out as poetry converted into a rhyming method in the form of hip hop and later transitioned into progressive songwriting to recordings to live shows. Rapping began as a hobby and interest in which he would come up with so many different creative concepts. After a few years of development whilst still being a hobby, it became real when Ant Da Man was at Clark University hanging with a female he had been talking to at the time, and played a song he had named "Freaky Yolanda." Aside from her liking the song, she went and told all of her friends to come in her room and listen in which they all fell in love with the song. "It was all so surreal, they were singing the song every time I came to visit her. So I started thinking to myself, if I have them entertained with this song so easily imagine what I can do if I put this out for the world to hear." Ant Da Man had then participated in various shows all around Atlanta gaining criticism to help build his craft and unlock hidden talents yet to be discovered by the young rapper. Ant Da Man also became a record producer started with the mindset of "why pay someone else to do somethin that I can do if I take the time out to practice." There is no limit for what one can learn and Ant Da Man is the definition of that while shooting for the stars surpassing the clouds. Ant Da Man really gained alot of response when he released songs like "Money Fly" and "Nympho" topping the myspace music charts and also receiving 2000 plays a day. Ant Da Man has aired his talents on television and has had some success with making radio stations. Ant Da Man is currently working on his first album titled "AntDaMan 1.0" and intends to release it under the independent label TTP Records which is substantially growing to be a recognized record label. Ant Da Man has a talent that can't be matched and soon he will make a swift uprise to the top of the game.


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