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Alexander McClellan, or commonly referred to by his stage name, Alex.M, is a Hip-Hop artist hailing from the Mid-West. With Chicago being his home town, he had to quickly adapt to the pressures and the lifestyle that usually take most of Chicago's youth to either two places, Jail or the Morgue. Although Alex lived in a city where most would seem is a never ending war-zone, Alex was fortunate to have both parents, Although divorced, to help him with all of his dreams and goals and both parents, John McClellan(dad), Monique Tarleton (mom) made sure that there son would not have to deal with city drama by moving Alex to the south suburbs, Matteson IL., Were he currently resides. Alex started doing music at the age of eleven when he was at a church camp in the middle of Michigan. Since Alex family has a musical background and many of his older siblings can sing, he tried his luck and actually found out that he had a music talent that was inside of him all along. Although he is known for his rapping ability, Alex began as a singer and worked with a local producer, Andre Miller, who taught Alex the ends and outs of the music business and helped him build a voice. After five years and much practice, Alex decided it was time for him to take his career into his own hands. With the help from his father and many people who believes in Alex's career. He set off and found many producers and graphic novelist to help him make a name. Alex is also widely known to be apart of the group D.M.C (Da Monopoly Click) which was founded by an artist named Young Wess. Although D.M.C had many members the group now only consist with three members, Alex.M, Young Wess, and Flame, Alex being the only one from Chicago. The other members, Young Wess and Flame, are from the mid-west, but are from Indianapolis, Which is three hours away from Chicago. Although many people wonder how Alex met D.M.C the answer is quit simple. Alex met Wess through playing a famous game called Grand Theft Auto on the xbox and ever since they talked about music with one another Alex was a never caught not saying D.M.C past that. As Alex grew as an artist his the people that influenced him change. The major people who really had influence on Alex was Roc-nations Artist J.Cole, Wale, Lupe, Common, and many other lyricist. Alex has been struggling all his life to get everything he finally has coming to him, and he still will always believe he is never quit at his goal. But the music and the meaningful lyrics Alex displays is a true stepping stone towards his goal and the music that saved him from his troubling past, will be the music they may finally give Hip-Hop a fighting chance to resurface and be the proud and meaningful being that it once was renowned for. If you like the music add my facebook fan page..


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