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  • DJ SpinKing Speaks On Upcoming Album, Collaborating With A$AP Rocky
    DJ SpinKing Speaks On Upcoming Album, Collaborating With A$AP Rocky
    DJ SpinKing is working on creating a name for himself and a brand to go with it, similar to what DJ Khaled, DJ Mustard and DJ Drama have done. In this endeavor, he's taken the reigns on collaborative singles, his most recent one being "Adult Swim" with Tyga, Jeremih, A$AP Ferg and Velous.
  • ASAP Rocky "Multiply" Video
    ASAP Rocky "Multiply" Video
    Well here it is! After revealing a mysterious countdown on the site, flackojodyeseason, a couple days, A$AP Rocky comes through tonight and delivers his brand new single and accompany video for “Multiply".
  • Tinashe Feat. A$AP Rocky "Pretend" Video
    Tinashe Feat. A$AP Rocky "Pretend" Video
    Tinashe's hotly-anticipated Aquarius project is now just days from its release. today, the singer shared a new track, "Bet," and now drops the video for the A$AP Rocky collab "Pretend." 
  • Behind The Scenes Of Tinashe & A$AP Rocky's "Pretend" Video
    Behind The Scenes Of Tinashe & A$AP Rocky's "Pretend" Video
    Tinashe is getting ready to release her debut album, Aquarius, on October 7th, but before it arrives, she’s got some promoting to do first. Today, she’s giving fans a behind the scenes look at her upcoming video for “Pretend”, featuriug ASAP Rocky.
  • Tinashe Feat. A$AP Rocky "Pretend" (Lyric Video)
    Tinashe Feat. A$AP Rocky "Pretend" (Lyric Video)
    Tinashe drummed up quite a bit of anticipation for her debut album Aquarius when she let go her collaboration with A$AP Rocky "Pretend", which is about a failed relationship and wanting to start over. After releasing the Detail-produced record the other week, the singer follows it up today with an official lyric video. Chances are we'll get an official music video to follow this too.
  • A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 5)
    A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 5)
    Noisey has been releasing their ASAP Rocky documentary, "SVDDXNLY" in installments over the past few weeks, and today we've been given the final episode in the series.
  • A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 4)
    A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 4)
    NOISEY has been releasing their new ASAP Rocky documentary, "SVDDXNLY" in installments, and today they've dropped the second to last part of the series. In this episode, ASAP visits Kathy Griffin in her Hollywood home, has a bro-down with Snoop Dogg, and shows love for designer friends Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang. He later takes a trip to Vegas, explains his love for "hipster bitches, and chills with Pimp C's wife.
  • A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 3)
    A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 3)
    We're now on week three of Noisey's five week rollout for "SVDDXNLY," a documentary that traces A$AP Rocky's rise to fame. Parts one and two are still availalble to watch on HNHH, and today we're graced with number three.
  • Joey Fatts Feat. A$AP Rocky "Keep It G Pt. II" Video
    Joey Fatts Feat. A$AP Rocky "Keep It G Pt. II" Video
    With his track "Keep It G Pt. II," Joey Fatts scooped up a big collabo from A$AP Rocky for his recently-released Chipper Jones Vol. 3 tape. Now, the Cardo-produced track has a video that's directed by Fatts himself.
  • A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 2)
    A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 2)
    Last Tuesday, Noisey shared part one of their documentary on A$AP Rocky's rise to fame, entitled "SVDDXNLY," and today we've got part two of five.  This time around Rocky tells us that he has to work with friends (whose subsequent teasing of his outfit must be part of the deal), and A$AP Twelvy backs that up by saying, "We click, we don't ever argue. We just bros."
  • Chief Keef Feat. ASAP Rocky & Glo Gang "Superheroes" BTS Video
    Chief Keef Feat. ASAP Rocky & Glo Gang "Superheroes" BTS Video
    Chief Keef's very much been doing his own thing since the release of Finally Rich back in 2012, but it looks as if he's making use of his major label deal once again.
  • A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 1)
    A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 1)
    Three years ago, the name "A$AP Rocky" meant very little to hip-hop fans in NY or otherwise, but now the Harlem MC and his crew are world-famous. A new, five part documentary from Noisey entitled "SVDDXNDLY" details Rocky and the A$AP Mob's rise to the top of the heap, and today we've got part one. Following Rocky on Rihanna's "Diamonds" tour, we get a glimpse into the star's current lifestyle, as well as interviews that touch on his childhood and upbringing. Ri Ri makes an appearance, as do A$AP Twelvy and Rocky's mother and sister. 
  • ASAP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary Trailer
    ASAP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary Trailer
    Similar to what they did with "Chiraq", and 8 part documentary on Chicago's young rap scene, and the violence surrounding it, Noisey is preparing to release an episodic A$AP Rocky documentary called "SVDDXNLY" on August 5th.Today we're given the official trailer for the film, which finds Rocky reflecting on his aspirations for fame, and the obstacles he had to get over to get there. Meanwhile, a montage of A$AP Mob's lively tour life plays, with cameos from the likes of Rihanna, Drake, and of course, Kathy Griffin.
  • Juicy J Feat. ASAP Rocky "Scholarship" Video
    Juicy J Feat. ASAP Rocky "Scholarship" Video
    Juicy J's last album, Stay Trippy was his first as a solo rap star, and did a great job of staying faithful to his Memphis rap beginnings, while adding a bit of a pop flavor at times. It's not entirely clear why Juicy works so well over more pop-minded production 9, but "Dark Horse" is certainly proof, as are the few tracks on the album which tastefully incorporate EDM into his sound.Scholarship is one of the two Dr. Luke (producer behind Ke$ha, Katy Perry, etc.) helmed songs, and of course makes it one of the most destined for crossover appeal. 
  • Danny Brown Brings Out A$AP Rocky At Wembley Stadium In London
    Danny Brown Brings Out A$AP Rocky At Wembley Stadium In London
    Danny Brown got the rare honor of performing at Wembley Stadium, London's 90,000 capacity venue, this weekend, as a supporting act for Rap's first legacy act (alongside Jay Z), Eminem.While Em brought out Dre during his performance, Danny made sure to supply a surprise of his own, bringing out A$AP Rocky to do "1 Train". The reunion comes only a short while after Brown pre-emptively called out A$AP Mob for taking his verse off "Hella Hoes", later determined to be a label decision.
  • A$AP Mob "Hella Hoes" Video
    A$AP Mob "Hella Hoes" Video
    A$AP Mob's L.O.R.D. has been in the works for some time, but it seems as though things are really shaping up for the long-overdue compilation.  We got the A$AP Twelvyy-lead singlem "Xscape" back in April, but the anticipation really took off when "Hella Hoes" arrived last week, featuring verses from Rocky, Ferg, Nast, and Twelvyy. "Hella Hoes" now has an official video, and as usual it's a highly-stylized take on a street rap visual. The clip seems as if it may be filmed in Atlanta, with cameos from hometwon heroes, Peewee Longway and 2 Chainz.
  • Watch A Short Film Scored By ASAP Rocky
    Watch A Short Film Scored By ASAP Rocky
    Lately, A$AP Rocky's switched his focus from rapping to producing, dropping the instrumental "Riot Rave" track and remixing Tame Impala's "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" in the past few months. 
  • A$AP Mob Lives Up To Their Name, Starts Street Mob At SXSW
    A$AP Mob Lives Up To Their Name, Starts Street Mob At SXSW
    They don't call them A$AP Mob for nothing.  This year at SXSW, A$AP Rocky and crew were performing in Austin Texas at The Mohawk (House of Vans), when the fire marshal decided to shut the show down. It turned out the the venue had maxed out its capacity and the show was deemed unsafe to continue. In true A$AP Mob fashion, Rocky decided to take all his peeps to the streets and walked out with a mob from the venue.  Check out the raw footage from SXSW and if you haven't already, do subscribe to HNHH on YouTube.
  • ASAP Rocky Feat. Bauuer "Riot Rave" Video
    ASAP Rocky Feat. Bauuer "Riot Rave" Video
    A$AP has been talking about releasing an instrumental project for some time, and has finally delivered on the promise. The first of two new offerings from the effort comes in the form of an "art video" which finds A$AP and his goons rioting in the streets of New York, while various imagery circulates around them. The song is a collaboration with NY bass artist, Bauuer, who is best known for his viral hit, "Harlem Shake". The darkly crawling instrumental definitely sounds like a mix of Rocky's most chopped and screwed efforts, with the heavy basslines of Bauuer applied to it.
  • A$ton Matthews "What You Need" Video
    A$ton Matthews "What You Need" Video
    A$ton Matthews' upcoming A$ton 3:16 is coming soon, and the rapper continues to drop material from it. The latest comes in the form of the visual for "What You Need", a dark track, delivered with a very intentionally lazy flow. The video comes with its share of mean-mugging, late night cruising, lean sipping, and inane hydraulics, which go along with the menacing production. Look out for a cameo from a certain bruh bruh from the A$AP clan around the 3 minute mark.