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  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2" Video
    Following tonight’s Q&A on Tumblr, ASAP Rocky decided to treat fans to the official music video for “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2”.
  • Cover of A$AP Mob Speak On Upcoming Projects
    "We got Ferg comin; out, before his mixtape project soon. Right after him, my sophomore. Right after that, the Mob tape, and hopefully another Ferg album. We tryin' to smash into y'all motherfuckers 2015. Man, we just tryin' to really influence culture and give people a reason to listen to music"
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky Performs "Pretty Flacko 2" Live
    A$AP Rocky got us all excited when he returned to the music and delivered his new record "Multiply." In the "Multiply" music video, we got a small preview of "Pretty Flacko 2," but an audience in London at the 2014 Red Bull Culture Clash got much more than that. Rocky performed the unreleased cut live for the crowd.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Multiply" Video
    Well here it is! After revealing a mysterious countdown on the site, flackojodyeseason, a couple days, A$AP Rocky comes through tonight and delivers his brand new single and accompany video for “Multiply".
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 5)
    Noisey has been releasing their ASAP Rocky documentary, "SVDDXNLY" in installments over the past few weeks, and today we've been given the final episode in the series.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 4)
    NOISEY has been releasing their new ASAP Rocky documentary, "SVDDXNLY" in installments, and today they've dropped the second to last part of the series.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 3)
    We're now on week three of Noisey's five week rollout for "SVDDXNLY," a documentary that traces A$AP Rocky's rise to fame. Parts one and two are still availalble to watch on HNHH, and today we're graced with number three.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 2)
    Last Tuesday, Noisey shared part one of their documentary on A$AP Rocky's rise to fame, entitled "SVDDXNLY," and today we've got part two of five. 
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary (Part 1)
    Three years ago, the name "A$AP Rocky" meant very little to hip-hop fans in NY or otherwise, but now the Harlem MC and his crew are world-famous. A new, five part documentary from Noisey entitled "SVDDXNDLY" details Rocky and the A$AP Mob's rise to the top of the heap, and today we've got part one.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "SVDDXNLY" Documentary Trailer
    Similar to what they did with "Chiraq", and 8 part documentary on Chicago's young rap scene, and the violence surrounding it, Noisey is preparing to release an episodic A$AP Rocky documentary called "SVDDXNLY" on August 5th.Today we're given the official trailer for the film, which finds Rocky reflecting on his as
  • Cover of Watch A Short Film Scored By ASAP Rocky
    Lately, A$AP Rocky's switched his focus from rapping to producing, dropping the instrumental "Riot Rave" track and remixing Tame Impala's "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" in the past few months. 
  • Cover of A$AP Mob Lives Up To Their Name, Starts Street Mob At SXSW
    They don't call them A$AP Mob for nothing.  This year at SXSW, A$AP Rocky and crew were performing in Austin Texas at The Mohawk (House of Vans), when the fire marshal decided to shut the show down. It turned out the the venue had maxed out its capacity and the show was deemed unsafe to continue.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky Feat. Bauuer "Riot Rave" Video
    A$AP has been talking about releasing an instrumental project for some time, and has finally delivered on the promise. The first of two new offerings from the effort comes in the form of an "art video" which finds A$AP and his goons rioting in the streets of New York, while various imagery circulates around them.
  • Cover of Fan Falls Off The Rafters At A$AP Rocky Show
    During A$AP Rocky's New Year's Eve performance is Perth, Australia, a fan decided to climb up the rafters at the front of the stage. After a few seconds of dangling, he fell to the ground.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky, Bun B & Vic Mensa Freestyle On MTV's Rapfix Live
    A$AP Rocky, Bun B and Vic Mensa were the guests today on MTV Rapfix Live where they traded some heavy bars with DJ Red Alert providing the beats.Get a load of ASAP Rocky, Bun B & Vic Mensa Freestyle On MTV's Rapfix Live, a new visual from ASAP Rocky that saw the light of day on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Phoenix" Video
    A$AP Rocky keeps the visuals from his debut album coming. After giving us "Angels" and "Fashion Killa" he drops the heartfelt "Phoenix" today, which features Michael K. Williams aka Chalky White aka Omar and actress Joan Smalls.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Angels" Video
    ASAP Rocky premieres the official music video for the track "Angels". Directed by Luke Monaghan and ASAP Rocky. Peep ASAP Rocky "Angels" Video, the latest visual from ASAP Rocky. It dropped on Thursday, October 31st, 2013.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky Freestyles w/ Matisyahu & Kosha Dillz
    This is pretty random, but we're okay with it. A$AP Rocky was out in France and somehow ran into two Jewish emcees, Kosha Dillz & Matisyahu. And then they started to cypher, while Matisyahu beatboxed.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky & Kathy Griffin Go Back & Forth
    ASAP Rocky brings his Noisey sponsored "Back & Forth" series to Kathy Griffin's crib. The two talk gang banging, tattoos, and Danny Brown's cunnilingus talents, with plenty of innuendo to fill the void.Peep ASAP Rocky & Kathy Griffin Go Back & Forth, the latest visual from ASAP Rocky.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky & Bun B Interview Each Other
    For Noisey's on-going "Back & Forth" series, they've gotten A$AP Rocky to interview some his fellow rappers.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Fashion Killa" Video
    A$AP Rocky premieres his new music video for “Fashion Killa”, which co-stars none-other-than Rihanna. Experience ASAP Rocky "Fashion Killa" Video, a new offering from ASAP Rocky, which was released on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky Interviews RiFF RaFF (Part 2) - Video
    The tour bus conversation between A$AP Rocky and JODY HiGHROLLER continues, and hilarity ensues. Watch ASAP Rocky Interviews RiFF RaFF (Part 2) - Video , the latest video from ASAP Rocky, which dropped on Thursday, September 19th, 2013.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Interviews RiFF RaFF (Part 1)" Video
    For Noisey's "Back And Forth" series they enlist A$AP Rocky to interview RiFF RaFF aka Jody Highroller.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Meets Aesop Rock For First Time" Video
    When ASAP Rocky first started buzzing on the interweb, many people who are fans of underground/Rhymesayers rapper Aesop Rock noticed the similarity between the two emcee's names. While Aesop has definitely been doing it for longer, ASAP is undoubtedly bigger.
  • Cover of ASAP Rocky "Scuffles With Security At VMAs" Video
    ASAP gets up in the grill of a security guard in some footage from the red carpet of the MTV VMAs.How does this compare to ASAP Rocky's previous work?Check out the latest video from ASAP Rocky, ASAP Rocky "Meets Aesop Rock For First Time" Video.
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