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Who is Anthony "A-N-T-Z" Johnson? Oakland, California born & raised. December 18, 1989 EST. Share BDAYS w/ Christina Aguilera & Brad Pitt #SAGSstandUP California State University, East Bay Graduate- Bachelors of The Arts in Theatre & Dance w/ Associates Degree Experience in Spanish & Mass Communications. Thinking about Grad school for the future in either the East Coast (NYC/Philadelphia) or Florida (Full Sail Univ.) Interested in majoring in Entertainment Industry Management (; WHY AM I DOING MUSIC/RAPPING: ----------- Yes, I know that you guys are probably thinking, "HAHA! you & music?!" or "But I thought you were into dancing, choreographing, modeling, acting, and maybe even music MIXING, but rapping?..." or even "STICK TO DANCIN' bruh!" haha ! But just hear me out (through the headphones/speakers as you first press play & then judge me after you've successfully listened to ALL of my songs, messages, self-expressions through the art form of what we like to call "RAP". For me, it is just another way to express myself as an artist! I mean, music is something that I feel oh so intertwined with in my everyday life (whether it be rap, r&b, alternative, pop, reggae, etc.) that I truly got to a point in my life where I felt incomplete or unsatisfied even with the amount of self-accomplishment within myself (when it came to myself & connecting with my audience, peers, enemies...) I always mixed music for performances- whether it be for the Stance DanceTeam (CSUEB), Dance Ensemble (CSUEB) or side projects for people & I always thought in the back of my head: "why not at least TRY or EXPERIMENT with making my OWN music or at least seeing what I sound like putting my own personal responses to a song that I cherish?!... I mean it was worth a try right?! You only live once.... & besides, you never know how good/close to perfect you are at something until you actually give it a try and wait for the results.... So yep, here it is FAM, FRIENDS, ENEMIES & STANS (If I have any) ! : The .M.U.Z.I.I.K. of .A.N.T.Z. ... may you enjoy, comment, like, share this world and adventure with me.. Trust me, I am just as nervous as you may be about this... haha ! Nervous is good though ! HERE WE GO !! AYYEE!! LET's GO GET EM' !! (; ♥ .A.N.T.Z. /AnTzQJAY p.s., DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER -&rt; @ANTZQJAY ! (; LET PEACE LURK AROUND N YOUR HOODS !


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