In the age of the internet it seems everybody can be a rapper, or at least make a feeble attempt at so doing. It may seem hard to find real talent with the game cluttered by generic, wanna-be, or insignificant rappers. That's not to say that ill emcees don't exist out there-- they obviously do, but sometimes they get overlooked 'cause some mainstream fish overshadow them with their big, flashy scales. But don't get blinded by the flash of the big fish! So what makes an ill emcee anyways? Creativity is definitely one of the key qualities, 'cause as we know, hip-hop is constantly changing. To keep up, and re-invent, and be different, and fresh, and not just repeat the same old shit over and gotta have creativity.

Today HNHH takes a look at nine rappers who create extremely dope music but may not be at the forefront of the game we call rap. This shouldn't discredit their above-par skills on the mic and their creative approach to hip-hop, which is what makes them real gems in a world of cubic zirconias. Thus, we present 9 Creative Rappers You Should Know About.