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7VNA) is an independent artist from CHICAGO, Illinois, As a kid he was always known to rhyme words well, so then he actually started to like it and found it as a hobby. As a kid he lived a difficult childhood being picked on by bully's. So he used his hobby as a pleasure an relaxation to keep his mind off his Depression. So then later on in his life he moved to Logan square where he met a group of friends that were into rapping. At first he never thought about doing hip hop until one of his friends kept encouraging him to do so. At first he was thinking about it but had got caught up in the street life. It was very difficult for him to leave the gang life since he felt he was apart of something an no longer was being bullied. He felt he was finally being respected an shown love but he thought wrong once he started to understand the street life for what it really was. Then he started to take hip hop seriously an put his emotions into his music to keep his mind off things. At first he wasen't making any tracks because his flow wasent fully developed an he knew this. So he kept doing hip hop just hanging out with his friends chillin on a normal base freestyling but his freestyle was kind of wack but he didin't care he just enjoyed chillin with his friends. Later on after a few years he moved away from Logan square because he was sick of the street life drama an wanted to fully surround himself with music an positive people. His mission isn't to be famous, His mission is to enjoy his music career an try his best to be a good influence on the young an the old an bring hip hop back to life.


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