I was born 11/4/1990 in New Orleans, Louisiana. You can catch me downtown when I’m home; the 7th ward to be exact. My passion for music began with my Uncle Clay. I use to stumble across every kind of genre of music around him. I took a tragic lost May 19, 2004 when my Uncle passed away. It just made my passion for music deeper than before. As time went by I began to express myself on paper, I got this feeling that music was the only thing I could relate to. I found myself alone the majority of time in high school just writing and listening to music. I wasn’t sure if I should proceed with my music, thinking I was going to grow out of it until I had this dream. The setting of my dream was my uncles funeral, he was laying in the casket and he woke up. I ran out of the church and my brother came after me saying, “Clay wants to talk to you.” I went back inside and he said, "I see you rapping, now never give up on your dreams, you'll make it one day." He then hugged me and laid back down into his casket. Thats been my inspiration ever since my uncle passed. I went on to graduate high school and went on to college for 2 years, in Alabama. I came back home and was determined to get my voice heard. I started recording again in 2010 with and Young Amazin. We made song after song, with my selective rap style people started to notice me while I began doing features and pro-longing my mix-tape. In 2012 I moved to Las Vegas to take my music to another level. I hope I satisfy everybody!! Peace and Love


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