At the beginning of November we did a list that comprised of9 Creative Rappers You Should Know About. Today we're following up that list with 7 Creative Producers You Should Know About. Producers lack credit across the boards, but they are essential in creating a song, and not just a 'song' but a dope song. A head-bobbing, I-wanna-look-up-the-lyrics-ASAP song is nothing without the beat that carries it. 

In this feature we shine some light on seven producers who are really good at what they do. Obviously, we couldn't cover all the producers who are deserving of credit, but this is a start. We even got to speak to most of the producers on the list to get their thoughts on what they've produced. Shout out your favorite producers in the comment section, and let us know what you think of the masterminds below. 'Cause really, it's all about the beat.