Sara Molina strikes back, once again, at allegations that she slept with 6ix9ine's former manager Shotti. As 6ix9ine returns to the limelight, he's not only defended why he snitched but he's embraced it, as heard on his recent record, "GOOBA." But it wasn't an official comeback until he touched down on Instagram, as he did on following the song's release. 

He broke down his reasoning for snitching and doubled down earlier today with a poll on Instagram. "QUESTION: If they kidnapped you, stole from you, slept with your baby moms, threatened your mom, stole millions from you, caught on the phone trying to kill you. Would you snitch or do jail time?" He wrote on Instagram along with a poll.

The mother of the rapper's child, Sara Molina, hit the 'Gram where she blasted him for continuously claiming that she slept with Shotti and other members of Nine Trey. She's continuously denied it since the rumors began. This time, though, she aired him out for all of his actions in the past two days and dragging her back into the limelight.

"Why you keep running the same story? You sound hurt off of something you tryna make cool," she wrote on IG. "You keep giving people all these corny ass reasons to why you did what you did, BUT YOU NOT SAYING EVERYTHING HAPPENED BECAUSE OF YOU. It's your fault stupid," she continued.

"You can jack how you don't care that you snitched but guess what... YOU DO. He's ashamed of what he did but has no choice but to jack it or try to make it look cool. He's ashamed and has no choice but to hide behind humor," she wrote. "This is a man that is all for himself, apologizing to his fans but not his daughter who he completely neglects and doesn't support or give af about her safety."

Peep her entire post below.