50 Cent Voices Over Solange's Attacking Jay Z In Elevator

50 Cent imagines the conversation that went down in the elevator between Jay Z and Solange Knowles.

If you've checked the internet at all today, you've probably seen crazy footage of Beyonce's sister aggressively attacking her brother-in-law, Jay Z, while in an elevator on the night of the Met Gala in New York.

The incident went down at the Standard Hotel, and security footage from within the elevator made its way to TMZ this morning. In the footage we see Solange, Bey, and Hov enter the elevator alongside security guards, as soon as they enter, Solange lunges at Jay while Beyonce stands in the corner watching.

This has made us all curious as to what provoked the fight. We may never know the real reason, but Fif has kindly provided us with his own interpretation of what went down, voicing over Jay Z and Solange during the incident.

He captioned the video, "Family Matters, jay you did the right thing keep cool.lol#smsaudio #animalambition."


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