At this point, it feels like 50 Cent needs to take the plunge and launch a cultural commentary series. Never one to bite his tongue, Fif has continuously flooded his page with darkly hilarious and often merciless reactions to current events. The zanier the antics, the more likely that 50 will take the time to weigh in. Case in point, upon having his timeline presumably flooded with memes surrounding Cardi B's inadvertent nude leak, it was only a matter of time before 50 offered his thoughts on the matter.

50 Cent Cardi B

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Sharing a carefully cropped version of the fateful pic, 50 made it clear that these things happen -- especially when birthday energy is involved; lest we forget, this is the man behind the iconic intro of "In Da Club." "I know i’m late, i be missing shit," he begins. "She was lit. man it was her birthday. moving right along, pick a color. now this a make a bitch want to show a titty. LOL." 

Though he didn't exactly deny sneaking a peek, he did seem rather understanding of the whole debacle -- even if Cardi herself seemed rather annoyed by some of the fallout. But being the glass-half-full type of individual that he is, Fif made sure to celebrate the positive side effects -- which is to say, the charitable spirit Cardi's pics seemed to spark through movements like the ensuing "#BoobsOutForCardi" hashtag. Though it's likely he'll delete this one before long, be sure to check out 50's reaction below.