Over the last year, 50 Cent has been more active in the music game than he's been in quite some time, yet we still have yet to hear his consistently delayed studio album, Street King Immortal. In an interview with MTV, Fif spoke of one song that will appear on the project that will be unlike anything we've heard from him over his last stretch of releases-- a collaboration with Eminem.

50 revealed that the song is called "Champions", and the two longtime collaborators put it together at Em's house. “We wrote the song in Detroit, I [went] out there and we recorded in his studio, which is his comfort zone,” he explained. “Em is a lab rat–in case you didn’t notice. You don’t see him unless he’s scheduled to be there. Other than that, he’s probably writing something right now.”

As far as what the record will actually sound like, Fif's description sounded more akin to the post-Recovery Em singles we've come to expect these days.“It sounds like one of those hit records you’ve heard from Eminem in the past [with] an R&B singer on the chorus. And it’s one of those songs that he wrote his portion of the song before I got there,” he said, adding that they still have some on-record chemistry, “It’s a really cool process, It’s usually more fun than it feels like work."

Watch the clip below.