With ballgate in full effect, the world continues to be afflicted over Nicki Minaj's claims that her cousin's friend in Trinidad & Tobago experienced swollen testicles after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Many government officials and health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci and Trinidad's health minister Terrence Deyalsingh, have rejected Minaj's claims, asserting that no such side effects have ever been reported for the vaccine, but it remains a major topic on social media.

Now, Nicki's cousin's friend's balls are being discussed on late-night television, with celebrities that aren't connected at all to the story. On Thursday night, 50 Cent appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show, and he spoke about all of the television projects he's presently involved in. Most notably, he spoke about BMF, which apparently has a cameo from Nicki's cousin's friend's balls.

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"I heard that you got—and I know this is supposed to be a surprise—but I heard you got Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles to be on this show. Is that true?" asked Kimmel. 

"Listen, you didn’t look at the details of that situation," laughed Fif. "The details said he was about to get married. I think the testicles, it could be from the bachelor party. Nobody said that. Why nobody thought about the bachelor party? Now, if you had a really good bachelor party and then stuff starts swelling, it was Pfizer!"

Aside from Nicki's cousin's friend's balls, 50 Cent also spoke about Eminem having a "terrible" experience on 8 Mile, which seemingly prompted him to move away from the big screen for years.

"I think [Eminem] had a terrible experience on the 8 Mile project," said Fif. "'Cause he just didn't wanna go back again, like, ever again. There were times when Hollywood would offer me things to get him. His agent would go, 'Yeah, this is good, give it to 50 and let him take it.' The projects they'd offer him would be for $8 million, and he'll look at it and go, 'Did you look at it, Em?' He's like, 'Yeah, I read it. I just think we should do Warriors. Like the old movie Warriors, we should do something like Warriors.' I'm like, 'Did you just miss the $8 million?' It doesn't move him at all. He's just like, 'Let's just go and record records, let's just go make records.'"

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In the interview below, 50 also talks about Snoop Dogg having a role on BMF, and how hard it was to try and get the rapper to stop smoking weed on set. Check it out.