For one reason or another, Big Sean has yet to achieve that "classic album" status that's so sought after in hip-hop. Finally Famous was a charming debut, but by no means substantial enough to deserve that label. His last project, 2013's Hall Of Fame, was primed to be "classic" (what with its lofty title and Sean's use of that fickle C-word in at least three pre-release interviews), but ultimately failed to live up to the hype that Sean Don preached. That's not to say it was a bad or even a boring album, but as he was out there calling it a "Detroit classic" and comparing himself to Eminem, we expected nothing less than greatness.

We're now a little under two weeks away from the release of Big Sean's next album, Dark Sky Paradise, and again, the hype is building. This time, though, we're almost certain that Sean will knock it out of the park. We've only heard three tracks from it thus far (as well as an unauthorized snippet), but we're willing to put our money on it: this will be Sean's best album yet. 

Here are five reasons why Dark Sky Paradise will silence the haters and give Sean his best shot at that elusive classic status.