Ty Dolla $ign has never been an overtly political artist. When it comes down to it, the majority of his songs still revolve around his rock star lifestyle, which hasn't changed on his new project, Campaign. However, since Free TC, his excellent 2015 debut album, he's made sure to include commentary on politics -- on that particular project, a critique of the prison-industrial complex -- within the skits on his albums where it may be less obvious in the music.

On his latest mixtape, Campaign, Ty once again lets his message speak through various voices that appear sporadically throughout the project. Whether it be the words of poet Nate Howard, which have appeared on the majority of his projects, or YG's more up-front thoughts on Donald Trump, Ty is making sure to comment on the issues that plague America leading up to this very important election, if only briefly. The record "No Justice," which features his imprisoned brother, Big TC, brings the music and the message together as the two protest the recent instances of police brutality against innocent black men in the U.S.

Click through the galleries to find some of the powerful messages Ty has included in the project. Stream Campaign in full here.