D. Wade

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D. Wade Born Detarius D. Wade November 3, 1988 in Parkland Hospital the GOD FEARING Dallas TX native had a natural feel for stardom. Growing up in the mean streets of Pleasant Grove the "greedy grove" as they call it he was very active in pee-wee sports excelling in Basketball&Football. More of a Basketball player he put his pads down his sophmore year in high school he put his pads down to follow his dreams of the NBA. Haulted by disipline problems he turned to another god given talent of his...MUSIC!!!! "muzik iz ma gateway..when bullshit kumz around it takez me 2 ma safe place" he said in a interview recently. "i started spitn when i was 13...my childhood friend Dereaun Reed would beat on the green box n da hood with sticks or rocks wudeva he kould find and i use 2 js go". According to D. Wade he didnt know just how good he was until he featured on a groups[t.m.g.'z] mixtape his sophmore in high school. Overwhelmed with the feed back he stuck with it therefore developing his word play and all around skills. Droped his 1st solo project "Bak By Popular Demand" at the age of 16, at that time he was associated with the grop "Paypa Souljaz" "datz when i really noticed age iz just a # & dat i kould spit wit da best uv em, bt makein muzik along side V. bezzy,B.Dot,& Dope Duke[the 3 wize guyz] made me wanna go even harder!!!!! being da yung buck goin toe 2 toe bar 4 bar wid da older katz &goin az hard az den if nt harder shot my confidence thru da roof". His next solo project would come 3 yrz later "Got Ma Wade Up" at the age of 19 where he showed he's steady progressing as a artist. "Da whole "Got Ma Wade Up" 2 me speakz 4 itself...i dnt dew wt utha artist dew & i try 2 keep maself distant 4 them all with da muzik i make...everybody say dey got dey "weight" up afta nt makein r push'n muzik n a while basically say'n since da last time yaw heard me i dun got better so afta 3 yrz uv no muzik make'n i got a chance 2 make sum&there yew have da project...they dew dey thng i dew ma Wade...BIG difference!!!!". His stage name originated from his goverment name. When asked "why your goverment name?" he said "Bkuz datz who ma t-jonez[mother] wntd me 2 b nt sayn dat use'n a different stage iz bad r nuthn bt 2 me datz hide'n da real yew!!!! kz wid stage namez niggaz tend 2 go n directionz dey no nuthn about maken dey fanz thnk dey dis big dope man r wudeva direction dey goin & win shit hit da fan da life dey really live dnt match up wid wt dey spitn & sayn iz "every day life" bt i js wanna give da ppl me....100% pure uncut D.Wade so they know wt dey getn win dey hear ma muzik..a yung black GOD FEARING male speakn hiz mind regardless uv wt da nxt person godda say..yew dnt lyk it prove me rong...& dat alone make a hata job moe difficult kz yew knt change FACTS!!!!! no matter hw hard ya try...so no "Dopeman Wade" r nun lyk dat js D.Wade kz if i ain flipp'n brickz,hittn lickz,shoot'n niggaz up etc im nt got say it in ma muzik...datz FICTION!!!! + da REAL DOPEMAN nt gon letchu no who he really iz kz datz draw'n unwanted heat 2 hiz self & possibly fukn up hiz paypa &who wnt dey $ fuk'd wid?? lol nobody feel me? so dat js help me distance maself 4rm da b/s so i kan play ma lane wid ease i ain godda worry bot a nigga tryna rob me kz i rap bot da trap dew #'z allday lol kz i speak wt D.WADE live.know&see" D. Wade'z latest project Wade'z World Vol.1 commin soon yall b on the look out.


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