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3OW – Third Order Wizardry is a collective of fly, talented individuals who live and breathe good music, artistry and loyalty. Four friends all raised in East London, Hackney on the same street to be precise have come into the music industry with a different sound ‘Wizardry’ , a different blue print and most importantly a completely different mentality; they are building a revolutionary type movement burgeoning from the east end. 3OW have come together and created and built the Wizard sound and the WZRDSHIT brand you see and hear today. The Dynamics Mr. Jaeger and YT are brothers, with YT being the older brother, they grew up together and their bond was strengthened by their passion for music whilst growing up. Louis XIV and Mr Jaeger are childhood friends, meeting each other at primary school, and simply never looking back. All three members attended the same secondary school, Homerton College of Technology. Stan Feano and Mr. Jaeger befriended each other during their time at college, and their friendship was built on an interest for business and learning. The collective have built and strengthened into one relationship, hanging out and literally chilling with each other, every single day. ‘’All of our lives are on the line, and we trust each other with it’’ THE WIZARDRY The Wizardry first off is simply straight energy and ambience, with other key elements such as your mind state and most importantly timing. These are the four things that have led the collective to this point. The consensus amongst the group is that, if we are to put what we want into the universe (to say it) and then provide such a claim with the right amount of positive energy and ambience then anything is possible. Your mind state must stay clear and honest and then you must remember the key rule, when it is time to come, it will come. ‘’...Wizardry, nothing is ever forced and nothing is ever luck...’’ The Wzrd Sound The wzrd sound is the culmination of all the elements above coupled with the collectives passion for music and artistry, creates a moment, ‘The Zone’ whereby producers YT and Louis XIV can transcend their emotions and energies and those of the collectives into an area of space and time whereby tracks like ‘The Cave’ and ‘Acid’ are created. The wzrd sound is the ultimate living in the moment scenario, whereby they simply express themselves via sound waves. REVOLUTION 3OW is representations of the frustration young people have in doing what they really want to do. The frustrations in this particular example are those of YT, Stan Feano, Louis XIV and Mr.Jaeger, who decided to say ‘’Fuck It, I am going to do what I want to and nobody is going to tell me shit, and if they do, so be it’’ – The Third Order will become a logo for rebellion and revolution, and WZRDSHIT, will become a lifestyle and a way of living and learning. ‘’This is that Third Order Wizardry Shit’’


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