21 Savage isn't done trolling on social media, following a roast of YK Osiris, earlier this week. Savage is now going at Yung Bleu, saying the rapper looks "like a pumpkin."

21 Savage, Yung BleuDimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

"Why you holding yo chain up with yo jacket tho dam my brudda lookin like a pumpkin," Savage wrote on Instagram with a picture of Bleu sporting a custom Gucci jacket.

Thursday, after seeing Osiris sport a similar look, Savage went in on Instagram: "You got a red lipstick leather jacket on wit' a Gucci purse cut up all over the—bruh, you coulda let yo mama get the purse. Just give the purse to yo mama. Didn't have to put it on yo jacket."

The trolling resulted in praise from T.I., who said Savage had him "rollin."

"This the funniest sh*t I seen all day," T.I. wrote on Instagram, reposting Savage's video. "1 'Yeah that's what u do bruh...& then we goin to therapy.' 2 'Go get yo money back' 3 'why u runnin round with da tag on ya pants?,' and finally, "4 'What was u goin through when u bought the jacket?'"

Both T.I. and Savage recently sat down for a conversation where they discussed why T.I. decided not to sign Savage earlier in his career.