We've had some time to sit with the new 2020 XXL Freshman Class and it looks like there were definitely some missed opportunities from the group who picked this list, specifically in the form of a highly-talented up-and-comer from Houston, Texas.

Don Toliver has been bubbling for the last couple of years, always being mentioned in the background for the all-important XXL Freshman Class. In the last two years, it has been understandable why he was left off. However, this year was definitely his year to make it. With his new album Heaven Or Hell seen as one of the best drops of the year so far, and with the way "After Party" has been performing on social media, many are arguing that he deserved to be on there.


As for whose spot he would take, nobody is really opening up that much. However, in addition to Royce Da 5'9"'s critique of this year's list, others are chiming in and saying that they don't think Fivio Foreign or Jack Harlow should have been included. Both rappers were trending for completely different reasons. Fivio is being brought up because of his age. At 30-years-old, people are clowning him for being among this group of youngins, claiming that he probably could have still prospered without the title and given it up to another star.


Jack Harlow is another name that is trending over this. People are undecided about whether he earned his spot. While there are definitely those going to bat for him, explaining that off the strength of "WHATS POPPIN" alone, he deserved it, others are using that argument to his detriment, saying that he has not proven himself yet.

Do you agree with any of the popular criticisms?