140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week Oct. Nov. 02 to Nov. 08

140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week Oct. Nov. 02 to Nov. 08

Dissecting the funniest, most entertaining, and outrageous tweets from some of the biggest names in rap who are on Twitter. Twitter is intriguing to fans because it offers an un-buffered forum into the minds of some of your favorite artists. The material is often raw and unfiltered, and lucky for us, most of these guys have no filter.

This week in "140 Bars Or Less", Tweets of the week which features Chief Keef giving President Obama a hand, Joe Budden worries about social media STDs, and Igga Azalea searches for anonymous sex. 

Check out the article's official Twitter account @140BarsOrLess, where we re-tweet hilarious tweets during the week that did not make the list.  If you see any tweets you think should be included in the article then hit me up on Twitter @140BarsOrLess or @BrandonBombay


What if somebody just didn't want to vote because they were vehemently opposed to the "Two Party" system, could you work something out?  

9.  N.O.R.E.

The man's been elected as Leader of the Free World for eight years, he's got to follow in the footsteps of great drinking presidents of the past like FDR.  


Nope, can't complain one bit.  Wait, can you smoke weed when on house arrest?



Rihanna backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that she performed at: proof that God does exist. 


Serious question: would you still sleep with Iggy Azalea if there was a 5% chance, or greater, that she'd murder you when it was all done?  


FAB is right, ladies watch your man at the club when hefty women are circling around.  You never know what kind of poor decisions he's going to make, especially once the liquor starts flowing.  Isn't that right Diddy...


Please don't start tweeting about STDs, and certainly NEVER Instagram them! 


Apparently the hippo is one of the deadliest animals in the wild, and responsible for far more human deaths than sharks.  If you see Rick Ross charging at you, whether it's backstage, the street, or a shopping mall, you should probably get your ass out of there.  


Stacey Dash received some ire from the hip hop community after the "All Falls Down" video girl made some pro-Romney comments on CNN.  Who cares about political agenda with an ass like that.  I'd vote for Romney 46 times if it'd make her happy. 


Tyler, the Creator: rapper, artist, producer, director, political pundit. 


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