Logic has come a long way since he dropped his first Frank Sinatra-inspired mixtape, Young, Broke & Infamous, four years ago. Off the strength of that tape and the three others that followed it, he steady built up his fanbase, utilizing social media and the blogosphere to its fullest. At the same time, he's never quite crossed over to uber-mainstream appeal, despite signing a deal with Def Jam for his upcoming debut album Under Pressure. He's remained true to himself and his team-- Visionary Music Group. Equally, he's helped bring up his VMG team, including go-to producer C-Sick. Although he is still the most recognizable artist signed to the label, they continue to grow and expand their roster.

If you haven't opened up your ears to Logic yet, now's the time. His debut album Under Pressure is due out on October 21st, and is up for pre-order here. Wake up.